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 Dedication Rewards

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PostSubject: Dedication Rewards   Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:31 pm

For those that have read through The Description Project, you will have at least some info on what I am talking about. While The Description Project is a more specific direction on what I am asking for help with (beyond the staff), I am willing to reward any help that the staff receives on the site.

However, rewards are going to be given out at the discretion of the Creators and you should not expect one for every little thing you do. These will only be given out to the cream of the crop ideas, a massive slough of editing, or any display of true dedication to this site that is seen. Those people will find themselves with a few rewards in character to play with for sacrificing time from their roleplaying and character progress to help everyone else. These people will also be put up in the Credits Sticky, where their name will be immortalized for any future members.

Many of you know this roleplay from the other site (which it will stay on as well) and know that the site severely limited what I could do effectively with the Log (Databook). Since I was working in a 2000 character limit per post, many of the descriptions are severely lacking. Even I will admit that. However, I would prefer to work on the development of other material, rather than go back and add in the descriptions on things (some of which I didn't even create)! The other staff members, as well, have a lot to do to get the site fully functional.

I will finish moving all of the data onto this within the next 24 hours. What I am asking from all of you is to help describe these creatures, or any other material, that you feel is lacking a good description. You will be rewarded in roleplay for your contributions to the site (this will apply to all hard workers and is done at the discretion of Creators ONLY).

To do this, please post in the Suggestions Forum using the appropriate template for what you are changing and put (DP) in part of the title so the staff knows it is not a new idea. If we use it, you will be given credit in the Credits Section in the news post, letting everyone know your contribution to the site!
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Dedication Rewards
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