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 Reijin, Kiyo

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PostSubject: Reijin, Kiyo   Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:44 pm

Name: Kiyo Reijin
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Kiyo is a woman blessed with youth and beauty, though her beauty is hardly exceptional. Her features are steep and angular, as is typical of the Reijin family, and her skin is relatively pale – Kiyo looks almost as if she has been sheltered indoors for most of her life and looks physically weak, though the opposite is true. Kiyo has long, silver-grey hair that reaches down to her sternum in angel curls. Kiyo has a bit of a resting bitch face.

Hometown: Lifan

Personality: Kiyo is a seeker of power of all kinds, and does not adhere to a set of morals in the same sense as most people. While she believes that she is fundamentally good, she will not hesitate to perform unquestionably evil acts to further her own agenda. Kiyo likes to help people, but not at the expense of her own advancement – she comes first and foremost, but is a stalwart ally until such a point where remaining allies becomes detrimental to her own goals.
Kiyo is particularly fascinated with the ending of life and what comes next, leading her to be fond of Ghost-type Natrelmon. She finds exorcism and the art of Gishiki equally interesting, however, and is not so much fascinated with obtaining eternal life as she is curious about the nature of death, about those who transcend it, and those who restore things to the natural order.

Relic Description: Kiyo manifests her relic as a series of runes which can be emblazoned upon any physical object. Kiyo has a book especially for this purpose.

Starting Natrelmon: Gen, Mythin [Dark Pact]

Starting Spell Schools: Hydromancy [Rank III]; Invocation [Rank III]; Nyxomancy [Rank V]; Necromancy [Rank I]

Mastered Spell Schools:

Cryomancy [Rank X]
Blood Magic [Rank X]

History:  Kiyo is the youngest child of the Reijin family, a noble house of the East centred in Lifan. Kiyo’s growing up was relatively normal, and she was trained in the arts of war as most children of the prominent houses were in the time in which she was raised. Kiyo did her fair share of damage within the war, having a natural aptitude for Cryomancy like most of her house (who worshipped the Dragon of the North, Seiryu).
Kiyo became fascinated with the nature of death, wondering precisely what came afterwards in the wake of the lives she helped take and the lives she helped save. She underwent her rites as custom dictated, hoping to gain more experiences with the nature of death and to grow in power.

Professions: Scholar; Herbalism

Gift: Innate Necromancy

Noteworthy Skills: Many connections, notable magical prowess, competent at hand-to-hand combat, extremely knowledgeable in a great deal of esoteric subjects, especially those relating to ghosts/death.


- Moonlit Chantry
- Lustre
- Forbidden Hymnal
- Timeless Verse
- Memento of the Moon
- Shroud of Whispering Wind
- Perdition's Flame
- 3 Rank Up in Nyxomancy
- 3 Rank Up in Hydromancy
- 2 Rank Up in Invocation
- 3 Rank Up in Necromancy
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Reijin, Kiyo
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