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 Divine Armour - Indolu's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Indolu's Set   Thu Nov 13, 2014 12:03 pm

Timeless Verse


Once every seven exchanges, the Bearer is able to counterspell any spell (this includes spells that cannot normally be counterspelled) that enters the confines of Indolu's light.

Once every seven exchanges, the Bearer is able to make their next spell cast unable to be counterspelled by any means.

In addition, the Bearer's spells deal 50% more damage while within Indolu's light (does not apply to %max health damage).

Memento of the Moon


The Bearer of Memento of the Moon is able to channel for any number of exchanges. When the Bearer stops channeling, they create a number of Globes of Indolu with a radius of ten feet equal to the number of exchanges spent channeling. These Globes of Indolu are formed around the Bearer and will levitate around them.

The Bearer is able to fling these Globes of Indolu in a single direction at a rate of ten feet per second, and can stop them at any point along their path. If a Globe of Indolu hits an enemy directly, it deals monstrous Light-type damage. The Globes will dissipate after a delay of five exchanges, and will dissipate immediately if the Bearer begins to channel again.

Moonlit Chantry


The Bearer can channel for any number of exchanges, gaining a stack of Incantation for every exchange channeled. The Bearer can consume all stacks of Incantation to duplicate their next spell cast a number of times equal to the stacks of Incantation consumed.

The Bearer can channel any number of spells simultaneously, but not multiple instances of the same spell.



The Bearer becomes a permanent Globe of Indolu, ten feet in radius, that gains permanent access to Neutral and Indolu-aspected Light-type moves. The Bearer counts as a level 101 Light-type Natrelmon for this purpose, and their damage is equivalent to that of their highest leveled Natrelmon.

The Bearer's offensive spells gain an aura of Indolu's light, two feet in radius around the spell.

Forbidden Hymnal


The Bearer channels for up to ten exchanges, gaining a stack of Ultimate Power for each exchange channeled. If the Bearer channels again, they lose all stacks of Ultimate Power.

The Bearer's spells from Elemental spell schools of Rank equal to or less than the number of stacks of Ultimate Power they have can bypass all restrictions (except the Blizzard restrictions for Cryomancy) they would normally be bound by.

Set Bonus: Incarnation of the Moon


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Divine Armour - Indolu's Set
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