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 Axel Wulf Bio

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PostSubject: Axel Wulf Bio   Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:48 pm

Name: Axel Wulf
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ward
Starting Natrelmon: Chu, Sakura

Appearance: 6'3", 200 lbs

Tall and toned, with abnormally large biceps and shoulders. Brown wavy hair, between 5-6 inches long, is usual swept to the side and out of his eyes. Sometimes wears a predominantly white cloak with 3 thin grey stripes running down the back, the cloak of his old group. The hood is usually pulled up and the collar normally covering his face up to the eyes, which are a grey/blue.

He usually wears his black dress coat and pants over his white shirt. The coat is the tight fitting sort. The buttons on his shirt are undone about halfway. Around his waist is a skewed black sword belt with a sheathed sword and several daggers. The sword and daggers were nothing spectacular, merely instruments of his trade.

Relic Description His relic is an ornate arm band composed of several different metals depicting all four legendaries, imitating their cardinal directions. Set in each legendary are several stones, usually depicting eyes. The colors change depending on what Natrelmon is out.

History: He's quick with his blade, and quicker with his tongue. Wielding the toned body of a trained swordsman, and the knowledge of a powerful mage, there are few things that can shake his confidence. With over developed arms and shoulders from apprenticing as a blacksmith before the great war, it allowed him a much faster swing and more powerful blows then your average swordsman. Apprenticing as a blacksmith was not due to financial struggles, as he comes from a wealthy military family. He decided he'd like to spread his roots, meaning in this case, add to his many talents. Having been involved in swordplay since he was a child and already an excellent mage thanks to Archmage Adler, he decided it was time to learn more practical arts.

When the war started, Axel joined the military and was immediately promoted to an officer due to family ties. Brashness and youth caused him to abandon his post on a tip off about enemy movements from a spy. Although he succeeded in routing an enemy force, the loss of his comrades was great. He was dishonored and demoted to a private. He was strangely happy about this as he reveled in his swordplay, a talent that was unused as an officer. This is not to say he didn't feel remorse for the loss of the soldiers who were under his command, yet he simply classified it mentally as "Casualties of war".  

Being able to classify things in such a way doesn't mean he doesn't care. He simply recognizes that some things are out of his control. A long standing trait he inherited from his father.

Stripped of rank, Axel was sent on many scouting missions. A position he was well suited for due to his gift of Astral Projection. It allowed him to find enemy positions without ever having to get close to them. It unfortunately, also left him very open. Thankfully, his natrelmon, never allowed harm to come to him. Nero and Gotrek(Chu and Yosoku), one extremely fast and deadly with a blade, the other a massive brute. Together they made a devastating pair that could outmatch almost any foe.

The war ended, and many lives had been taken by Axel's blade and spells. There was still fighting to be done though. He joined a mercenary group named Byakko's Fangs. They were hired by wealthy families to stop raiding and attacks by rag tag bands of soldiers who were not pleased with the ending of the war. several years past, and Axel left the group and decided to complete the rites and further his training.

Professions: Mage, Tracker, Scholar

Noteworthy Skills: Trained Swordsman, Expert tracker, Blacksmithing, Over-average knowledge of Magic,

4 e relic
2 f relic

10500 N

Lvl 15 Gen
Lvl 10 Sakura-re
Lvl 17 Yosoku
Lvl 13 Kyonshi
Lvl 15 Datic
Lvl 12 Bovent
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Axel Wulf Bio
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