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 Rook Ferrum

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PostSubject: Rook Ferrum   Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:46 pm

Name: Rook Ferrum

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: At 6'5", 280 lbs, Rook towers over most people. His dark tanned skin comes from him being outside all the time. He almost only wears cutoffs unless the weather is really bad, jeans, and a pair of red sunglasses.

Hometown: Ivlser

Personality: Rook is one of the most social people you'll ever meet. He can befriend anyone or anything in an instant. Although he may come off as a nice guy most of the time, his temper is something to fear. He is compulsive and acts on a whim. He's super competitive, will never accept defeat, and always works to get what he wants. His only real weakness is open water. Having never been near a big body of water, and not knowing how to swim, he is wary of it.

Relic Description Rook's relic is a dagger which he must speak "Follow me, walk my path, bow to my power, and fufill my wrath." To release he says "Be free (Insert name)" The hilt changes to the color of the type of Natrelmon he catches.

Starting Natrelmon: Volcan. When Rook was lost in the desert, he wandered around trying to find his way home. As night fell, it became cold and Rook began to freeze. Out of nowhere, this male Volcan came out of nowhere and began to warm him with its heat. The dagger Rook carried on him began to glow red, and words passed through Rook's head. He spoke them and the glowing subsided, leaving his knife handle red. From then on, they have been together. Rook named him Ifrit.

History: All his life, Rook grew up in the desert city. He never had many friends, and never knew his parents. The only thing he had to show of his parents was a strange knife that he was given by the orphanage when he got older. He was raised in the orphanage until he ran away, tired of being told what to do, and began his life on the streets. Life was rough, but he somehow managed to survive off the kindness of others. He always dreamed of having his own Natrelmon, but was too scared to try and get one on his own. The day he worked up enough courage, was the day that he met Ifrit. Since Ifrit and him were united, they constantly worked to be the strongest and best. Through their hard work and dedication, they developed an unbreakable bond. Ifrit was the only family Rook had, and all he'd ever need. He'd lay his life on the line for Ifrit.

Professions: None

Noteworthy Skills: Rook is extremely strong and witty. He has a good work ethic, and constantly strives to improve.[COLOR="Silver"]

+ Rook +

+ Party Natrelmon +
1) Voltion - Male - 36 - 27016
2) Grodra - Female - 27 - 16000
3) Faerelec - Male - 26 - 10425
4) Elwis - Female - 29

+ Boxed Natrelmon +
1)Daeshru - Female - 24 - 8750
2)Lancelot - Male- 26
3)Albion -Male- 26 -
4)Kujaku -Female- 26
5) Jou - Male - 30
6) Gull -Male - 17
7) Kyonshi - 10

Money: 21kN

Ivsler PDA
- 3 E relics
- Relic Knife
- 4 F Relics
-2 D Relics
- Blood Knife



tamer - 2200
Scholar - 16000
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Rook Ferrum
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