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 Ward Arena Data

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PostSubject: Ward Arena Data   Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:54 pm

+ Ward Arena +

Italicized information is 'inactive' during Arena matches.

Leader: Kirigishi Takai
Age: 22
- Mythari [Mythraxus] - Level 22 [82]

- Telepathy
- Magical Savant

- Abjuration lvl 2 [9]
- Geomancy lvl 3 [9]
- Floating Bridge of Heaven
- Gishiki lvl 9
- Restoration lvl 7

- Nihongo - Nihongo is a touch shorter than Tonbogiri and it is a Bishamon Yari. Nihongo has a 1.5 foot blade with a 4.5 foot shaft. Nihongo is unaffected by barrier magic.
- Tonbogiri - A Su Yari, Tonbogiri allows Takai to preform the Do Tonbo Sen, which sends out fissure line reminiscent of the Earth moveset. However, Takai's creates a concussive force outward in line along with it. Do Tonbo Sen can shatter modified earth. Tonbogiri is the longest of her three spears, with a two foot blade. The shaft on Tonbogiri is 5.5 feet.
- Otegine - The shortest of them all, Otegine is a Kama Yari designed for countering other weapons and hooking opponents. Otegine is capable of shattering most spells below Rank V.

*All of Takai's spears are summon-able to her hands when she needs them and vice versa.
- 3,000 N

Personal Notes: Takai is the daughter of one of Ward's foremost military leaders. A captain at the time of the East-West Wars, her father, Takei, wielded the 'Three Great Spears', legendary spears crafted in the ancient forges of Ward thousands of years ago. After he retired two years ago, also relinquishing his title as Arena Master of Ward, Takai took over, also inheriting the Three Great Spears.

She now seeks to impart the lessons her father taught her in the new generation, should war once again come to their lands.

Arena Description: Takai's Arena is fairly simple in appearance. A massive 60 foot by 60 foot square of tightly packed sand with no physical obstructions for cover. It is one of the largest buildings in ward, reaching upwards of 50 feet from floor to ceiling. Using a spell passed down by her family, Takai is able to use this sand to fight toe to toe with fliers by raising the earth up beneath her feet as she fights.
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Ward Arena Data
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