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 Natrel-Intro (WIP)

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PostSubject: Natrel-Intro (WIP)   Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:09 pm

War is not easily forgotten.

It'd been three years since the end of the East-West Wars, brought on by the West's frustration with a lack of representation in the political games of Lifan. Victory was almost assured for the East, boasting not only the center of magical learning, but a populace far outstripping that of the West. The war was brief, in the eyes of the few Immortals, spanning only two years and ending in the three month Siege of Ward. While Ward continues to boast no enemy force has breached its walls, it is no longer done so with the gusto of old - Ward knew that once it fell, the rest of the West would fall and with time being their enemy, the West had no choice but to capitulate to the East's demands.

Strangely enough, the peace reached was largely palatable for both sides. The West gained increased representation in the center government. For the east, they gained trade treaties largely benefiting their causes, allowing the East to import an increased amount of goods. It also gave Lifan authority over the Arenas of the West, something formerly run by the cities themselves.

It was in this world the young were released, both sides making an effort to return to the traditions of old. Most trainers had put off their travels until the end of the War, some, braver than others, made efforts to complete the Eastern edge of their Rites.
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Natrel-Intro (WIP)
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