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 Toran Arena Data

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PostSubject: Toran Arena Data   Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:00 am

+ Toran Arena +

Italicized information is 'inactive' during Arena matches.

Leader: Anastasia 'Annie' Radtfield
Age: 13
- Tibearius - lvl 12 [60]
- Ocalia [Kajin x Falline] - lvl 10 [55]
- Kyumin [Jigoko] - lvl 10 [54]
- Atrinox - lvl 56

- Magical Savant

- Abjuration lvl 2 [9]
- Pyromancy lvl 3 [8]
- Kazemancy lvl 8
- Restoration lvl 6

- 2,000 N

Personal Notes: A Toran native, Annie took over for Kiken after the attack on Toran. She has rebuilt the arena with aide from her parents, who have financed a lot of her path to her position as Arena leader. Despite her age and background, underestimating her is unwise. She is the youngest trainer to become an Arena Master.

She is notorious for losing her relic for her Tibearius. She is very, very enthusiastic about summoning him.

Arena Description: The Arena is a large rectangular room with chalk outlines on it. These outlines indicate the outer boundaries (20ft by 60 ft) of her Arena grounds, which, should a trainer or Natrelmon cross after a challenge has been initiated will find themselves in the hospital as pressurized gas is ignited creating a massive pillar of flames. There are two pillars about 10 feet high for trainers to stand on. Falling off of these pillars is generally unwise as the floor is imbued with a spell that ignites any non-Natrelmon on the floor.
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Toran Arena Data
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