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 Gifts - Limits and Definitions

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PostSubject: Gifts - Limits and Definitions   Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:46 pm

Gifts are innate abilities in certain trainers and are generally quite rare. Players will acquire a gift either through rolling for it at initial creation, or one of the few methods allowing trainers to unlock gifts at later times.

Telepathy - The gift of Telepathy allows the user to communicate mentally with allies, friends, and their Natrelmon, even across large distances by invoking thoughts of the person they wish to communicate with. They cannot sense the location of the person they are communicating with and need direction. For communication with Natrelmon, much of location and sensoring information is passively exchanged between the Telepath and the creature due to bonds with each other (and the fact Natrelmon do not have clear methods to converse).

Invisibility - The gift of invisibility allows the user to turn invisible. Invisible people cannot be seen by traditional means. If standing still, invisibility is at its most potent and nearly infallible. When moving, Invisibility will fail if they are within 7 feet of an opponent and the user cannot run while invisible. Invisibility destabilizes all magical talents, making it impossible to cast for both the duration of invisibility and two exchanges afterwards.

Astral Projection - The gift of Astral Projection allows the user to slip into a meditative state and project their spirit. The spirit can move through the world unimpeded by physical obstructions. During the use of Astral projection, the user is unconscious until their spirit returns to their body and is otherwise defenseless. Spirits cannot interact with living beings unless the person is a medium or has some kind of tool to sense spirits.

Perfect Sight - Those gifted with Perfect Sight have their vision unimpeded by physical obstructions as well as the effects of Hydromancy and other concealment and invisibility effects.

Intangibility - Those gifted with Intangibility are able to pass through solid objects without harm. Intangibility can only be used once every 5 exchanges in combat and they cannot move through a living being (although a living being could move through them). Intangibility cannot end inside of a living being.

Medium - Mediums are capable of sensing ghosts, even through the most advanced concealment and invisibility effects. Additionally, Mediums are able to read a ghosts Eldritch chains leading to their Haunting Grounds.

Advanced Mind (Magic) - Those gifted with this form of an advanced mind are able to learn magic at a rate of 1.5 times faster than those without.

Advanced Mind (Training) - Those gifted with this form of an advanced mind are able to train their Natrelmon at a rate of 1.2 times faster than those without.

Advanced Mind (Professional) - Those gifted with this form of an advanced mind are able to train their professions 1.5 times faster.

Magic Savant - Magic Savants are able to access an additional school of magic, granting them the ability to learn up to four schools of magic, compared to the standard three.

Professional Savant - Professional Savants are capable of learning an additional profession, granting them the ability to learn up to three professions, compared to the standard two.
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Gifts - Limits and Definitions
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