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 Song Chyou

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Taylor Roland

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PostSubject: Song Chyou   Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:49 pm

Name: Song Chyou
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Appearance: Chyou’s albinism visage is almost ethereal. Lacking proper melanin, her skin has a certain pallor to it. Her irises, producing no pigmentation, allows the blood vessels in her eye to show through, giving them a dark pink hue. There is always the slightest hint of bags under her eyes. Her long platinum blond, almost white, hair falls down to the arch of her back. Her tall stature makes it look even longer. She tends to leave it loose most of the time, tying the strands back with a single ribbon or a well-placed bow.

A sound skeletal structure of 6’4” has given her long limbs, with a suitable amount of muscle. Arms are willowy, hands with lean fingers. She always makes sure to keep her nails clean, with nails only slightly grown out. Legs are shapely but delicate. Her lean torso allows for adroit movement. There is no move that she makes without the utmost grace, and agility.

Feather of the Phoenix

A Nodachi that is wreathed in white-hot flames at all times. The flames do not burn Chyou or her allies, but enemies will find themselves scorched if they step too close to the flame. The Nodachi is clearly ancient, but is beautifully cared for and is still as sharp as the day it was forged. The Nodachi is constantly sheathed in Exorcist's Fire, which causes it to deal moderate Fire-type damage to non-Ghost-types, and very high damage to Ghost-types. Being hit with the blade only a few times can banish a Ghost to the void completely. Possessed bodies that are hit by the sword will not be harmed, but the ghost will be dealt severe damage and will be forcefully ejected from the body.

Once every eight exchanges, whenever the Nodachi comes into contact with a hostile spell, it will be absorbed by the blade, rendering the entire effect of the spell useless.

When wielding the Nodachi, Chyou’s strikes leave behind a trail of flame, and the bearer gains the ability to (with complete proficiency) perform an Iaijutsu strike that leaves a trail of white flame for the next exchange before fading. Once every twenty exchanges, Chyou may stab the sword into the ground to reignite all of the flames caused by the Iaijutsu strike over the course of one exchange.

Hometown: Lifan

Personality: Chyou has a very dominating personality. Her very presence commands attention. Some of her peers might be afraid to approach her, but give her a few minutes and you'll be taken back. She is one of those people who has never met a stranger and she'll likely be the one to speak first. She's extremely sociable and will talk to anyone about anything. More than just a pretty face, she is very intelligent for someone of her age. Not only that, but she is extremely good humored, although at times she can be a bit sardonic but never overly acerbic. She is outgoing, but not annoyingly so.

Relic Description: A double heart-linked necklace made of a white gold. Chyou’s posses but one half, the sodality, the other fraction beetling around Lin-Tiao’s neck. Summoning keyphrase is: ‘My Heart, MY Soul’.

Starting Natrelmon:Mythin, Atrixus (Provided by Paul)

History: Chyou grew up on the streets of Lifan. An orphan, she got into many troubles in her early youth. However, after getting caught stealing from the Song family, she was taken in at the age of 12 and given a more structured purpose, although she frequently got into trouble. She became the personal bodyguard and, over time, the adoptive older sister for the Song family's only child, their daughter, Song Lin Tiao.
The Song family was ancient in Lifan, noted for holding the Suzaku Festival yearly in the summer, one of the largest gatherings on the continent - a week long festival of lights and indulgence. It is said they trace back their lineage to the Suzaku and Tasri themselves, giving them significant wealth, power, and influence within Lifan.

Back during of the darker times of the lands, the days before Natrelmon companionship, when blacker magics occasionally took hold, specially trained warriors we needed to deal with these. Suzaku was one of these warriors, trained specifically to deal with mages with their magics, most noteably Abjuration magics. By honing their close range combat, and defensive magics, these warriors were skilled at parrying spells at close range. The Song family has secretly carried on many of these traditions within their family for generations.

Chyou was no exception to that rule. Although being adopted,Chyou was trained in the ancient arts passed down by them. Chyou's reaction to magics is almost instinctual."

Professions:  Scholar, Herbalist
Noteworthy Skills: Iajutsu + Training (see History).
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Song Chyou
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