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 Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!

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PostSubject: Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!   Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:54 pm

Day Easting was r- erm... Night Westing had gone through some very traumatic events these past couple months. Though he somehow managed to maintain the appearance of a lazy, carefree goofball; the bleak aura of death that had surrounded him recently caused him internally to mature. Perhaps, to a degree that he himself wasn't yet comfortable with or ready for.

It had seemed like forever since he was the man-child who walked around with a Kaigara on his head, but truthfully it wasn't really that long ago. In just a few short weeks his hands had been blooded, he had seen massive death and destruction, he had unfortunately been shown a vision of the future that was waiting behind the black gate, he had seeked redemption and resurrected a small child, had been gifted with what was perhaps the key (or the piece of a key) to an ancient war, and was currently serving as a healer and protector of the weak in service to his redeemer, Suzaku of South.

So he had been pretty busy.

At the moment, however, Night was actively serving the interests of one of his other redeemers rather than the fiery lord of the south. Rinkoo and Arandin, before his untimely demise, had entrusted him with a black shard. And Night had somehow stumbled into secret and even hidden sections of the Library in search of answers about the shards and the Black Gate. Instead, he had found the long hidden secret involved with evolving a Sakura into it's final stages (Who cared about that?) and the location of a fabled city of corruption long since lost to the minds of men.

Now could he actually find something useful?

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PostSubject: Re: Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!   Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:33 pm

As Night Westing rifled through the dusty tomes that even time itself seemed to have forgotten about, unseen things begun to happen in the world around him. Lost souls seeking out their ultimate salvation were stirred from their rest by the presence of one who had read enough to be prepared for the information they had to offer, and it was their unseen hands that mimicked Night’s unfortunate clumsy streak to bring him one step closer to his ultimate destiny.

Night, as his hands travelled along the spines of the tomes, would suddenly slip and his balance would be thrown off sufficiently to send him hurtling to the floor, knocking over a nearby table upon which another book was mysteriously placed. As the two fell, the book’s pages spread themselves open to reveal another page that Night had missed before, giving not only a cryptic paragraph of prose, but also a crudely drawn map that felt like it did not quite belong in a tome so ancient.

As a Scholar, Night would quickly come to realise that the map was added into the book prior to it having been written, but that would pale before the implications that the faded writing could bring to light.

”A crumbled city few reminisce,
‘cross eastern winds that none have missed.
What comes to light close to the shore,
is sealed from sight but hidden no more.
The Garden sings of spirits lost,
of Suzaku’s light on the path uncrossed.”

The short poem was illustrated by a rudimentary map of the eastern peninsula of Nerta, with a faded black ink mark where the city of Orin would have been on a modern map.

What Night would make of this information was impossible, for now, to say - but the lost souls had done all they could. Their salvation now rested squarely in his hands: a surprisingly fitting burden, given his recent history.
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PostSubject: Re: Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!   Tue Jan 07, 2014 12:47 am

"I swear some times I feel like invisible hands make me trip, this happens way too often. " Night thought to himself as he vaguely recalled his encounter with Lolo Kay before shuddering. Sitting himself upright in a cross legged position (Night wasn't capable of reading a book as it lay flat on his face), Night began to peruse the page fate had chosen for him and was greatly intrigued by what he saw. He mouthed the words of the poem inaudibly until he got to the end, where he, in a tone just above a whisper, breathed out "Suzaku's Light..."

Despite the poem being quite brief, Night made sure to re-read it several times, committing it to memory in case there was something he had possibly over looked, or missed. He squinted his eyes and hunched over to the point where his face was a couple inches away from the smudge on the map. "I guess X marks the s- Wait... Orin...? So it's close to Orin... But closer to the shore."

Night paused and quizzically looked around the library. Orin was on an empty plain field surrounded by trees, though it was relatively close to the shore. And there was... A garden of souls? No, a Garden of souls. It obviously had to be important if it was named as such, and whatever it was, it craved Suzaku's light on a path uncrossed. It was looking for- What? The fires of revenge? Rebirth? Resurrection?


"Well, I'm guess I'm going to Orin... Or East of Orin... I have to cross the eastern winds. Winds would be most prevalent in the plains of Orin. Maybe it was written by someone from Orin? Alright, so I'll go to Orin... and then... East? To the shore?"

Night was suddenly consumed by the thought that he was taking up a rather large task on the whim of a random book he found. But then again, it couldn't really be coincidence that the book mentioned Suzaku. The Lord of the South had called on Night to help do his bidding, perhaps this was the first step?

In any case, Night didn't quite feel comfortable leaving the safety and protection of Toran alone. His stint in Ward nearly costed him his life, and there was a powerful blood mage and a less powerful but no less dangerous elderly ghost trainer hunting shards a lot like the one Night had in his possession. He would need allies, friends even, people he could trust his life to. In fact, it would have to be people he had already trusted his life to when Rinkoo initially granted him possession of the shard.

Night took several pictures of the book page and map together and separately before departing. He did not want to run the risk of removing the book from the library, it was valuable, and so was the information it held. After all, he could easily delete the images after he shared them with his intended comrades.

He made a mental checklist: He needed to find Itsuki, Eien, Samuel, and perhaps his most reliable friend in times of trouble, Rook.
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PostSubject: Re: Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!   Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:55 pm

Kal tried to scratch his back as he returned to Toran. He had no idea how long his training had taken. He was a little sore from sitting so he assumed he was there for a few hours. Kal leaned his head to both sides to crack it. Kal smiled though, he had advanced in his Invocation magics in addition to finding a rather majestic autistic cat natrelmon. As Kal returned and walked past the supply store he noticed a curious person who appeared to be wandering aimlessly through Toran.
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PostSubject: Re: Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!   

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Day Easting and Friends Find Rebena!
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