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 Bio: "Bishop"

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PostSubject: Bio: "Bishop"   Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:20 pm

Name: “Bishop”(Name unknown)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Not many people take notice of Bishop, because despite his height he moves with a casual and deadly grace which allows him to pass unnoticed through crowds, adjusting his movements so he never collides with or brushes against others. Although he stands at 6’5” Bishop carries himself with the light step of an acrobat, and weighs around 235 lbs always moving smoothly, never in shock. Anyone who has engaged him in close combat will find Bishop to be deceptively muscular a strength belied by his fairly slender form.
Bishop’s eyes are the color of rough sapphires, a dull blue-gray with unknowable depths, always carrying the hint of a smile as if laughing to a joke he’d heard many times before. His skin tanned but neither light enough, nor dark enough to draw much attention. His hair, usually cut short is the color of midwinter darkness, black with a faint silver luster upon close inspection. As a whole though someone may remember his eyes his face is, like the rest of his appearance, more or less unremarkable.
Although not a noble, Bishop has made a fair amount of wealth for himself, and this is reflected in his manner of attire, he prefers to wear nothing garish, subtle black, and grays however the cloth itself is always fine and expensive, the cuts tailored. On his finger he wears a simple band, most likely silver at first glance it appears to have been burned but upon closer inspection it’s an incredibly complex series of inlays patterning the ring. Over time this pattern seems to shift growing more complex, yet it does not appear to have a meaning or pattern, it’s too abstract to be a language, to many repetitions to be purely chance.

Hometown: Ivlser
Personality: N/A
Relic Description Unknown
Starting Natrelmon: Elwis, Mythin
History: Very few people know much about Bishop’s past, outside of the most recent events. Although he is a known underworld figure, he does not seek to attract attention to himself, preferring to quietly assassinate, without the garish kills of high profile targets which would draw attention from both authorities, and the underworld. Instead, Bishop is simply a name known to a few, as a man very adept at killing he has no official political or moral allegiances.
Publicly Bishop is a well-respected business man who specializes in the import and export of rare books,  as a result he has been able to acquire knowledge which many people do not possess. He obtained the nickname Bishop in an assassination there was said to be a prophet protected by a divine power which rendered him immune to all harm, a little known assassin accepted the contract to kill this prophet, and succeeded, it’s said Bishop made a deal with that archaic god and turned the prophet’s own power against him.

Professions: Merchant, Scholar
Noteworthy Skills: Assassination, Hypnotism
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Bio: "Bishop"
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