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 Herbalist, Master of Synthesis

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PostSubject: Herbalist, Master of Synthesis   Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:08 pm

The Herbalist is a unique profession utilizing a fifth roll of a die in all wild rolls in order to create a series of potions with a variety of effects. Only herbalists can roll the additional die. They can do individual herb searches as well, equal to the number of wild rolls they have available, but the same post scaling is in effect.

The herbs the herbalist encounters varies drastically by area they encounter. The number in the ones spot determines the number of herbs in the find. A 0 indicates a find of 10 herbs.

Duration effects on any Elixir or Venom cannot stack unless otherwise stated.

Only one venom can be on a weapon at a time until the first is consumed. Only one instance of a venom can be applied to a person unless otherwise stated.

Venoms and Anti-Venoms are the same ingredients, but you may not use them interchangeably. If you make an Anti-Venom you must declare you are making an Anti-Venom, and vice-versa.

Pre-applied Anti-Venoms will last until venom is applied. If used after application of a venom, the venom's effects will just be removed. The user can have up to three Anti-Venoms pre-applied.

*Custom zones will apply the herb rolls closest to their climate.

- Ember Leaf - 1-20
- Noxshroom - 21-30
- Blue Mist Flower - 31-35
- Sakuran Tea Leaf - 41-60 (only in Sakura zones)
- Toranese Thistle - 41-60 (only in Toran zones)

- Nox Mushroom - 1-20
- Night's Shade - 21-40
- Wispy Cycad - 41-60

- Arrandin's Lippia - 1-20
- Panzer's Prowl - 21-40
- Atrewan Sage - 41-60

- Ilsverian Yarrow - 1-20
- Queen's Cactus Flower - 21-40
- Lucky Sorrels - 41-60

- Mistweaver (flower) 1-20
- Lady's Mantle - 21-40
- Wardian Foxglove - 41-60
- Wintergreen - 61-80

- Eishund's Howl - 1-20
- Goll's Catch - 21-40
- Glacetta's Foot - 41-60

- Commoner's Grass - 1-20
- Omu Berries - 21-40
- Primrose - 61-80
- Sakuran Tea Leaf - 41-60 (only in Sakura zones)
- Toranese Thistle - 41-60 (only in Toran zones)

Rank I - Elixir of Small Fortune - Increases all gold income by the player for 3 days by 20%. Reagents: 5 Ember Leaf, 3 Toranese Thistle

Elixir of Capture - Increases base capture percentage by 10%. Reagents: 1 Ember Leaf, 2 Toranese Thistle

Venom/Anti-Venom of Reduction - Creates an venom that reduces the use of one of the basic moves or spells of the person that drinks or eats it. If used out of combat, it applies to the next combat they are in. Can be tipped on weapons. Can only be applied 5 times on a person. Reagents: 1 Noxshroom, 3 Night's Shade

Rank II - Refinement - Elixir of Capture now grants an additional 10% addition to the BCP per Herbalism Rank, up to a maximum of 50% bonus.

Elixir of Silver Eggs - All eggs produced by breeding Natrelmon are silver and can be sold for 250 N. Eggs do not have a chance to hatch. Lasts for one breeding only. Reagents: Wardian Foxglove, Lady's Mantle

Venom/Anti-Venom of Short Life - Creates a venom that increases the probability of eggs not hatching by 10. One application per person. Can be ingested or applied by weapon cut. If Natrelmon is affected, it will not produce offspring for the next month. Reagents: 3 Noxshroom, 1 Night's Shade

Rank III - Patch - The Herbalist has a 25% chance of finding double the amount of herbs.

Elixir of Draconic Spirit - Natrelmon that are give this elixir are counted as dragon's for the calculation of magic experience. Lasts for 3 days (at rank V, this lasts for 1 week). Reagents: 1 Mistweaver, 1 Blue Mist Flower, 3 Lady's Mantle

Venom/Anti-Venom of the Poisonous Mind - Creates a venom that reduces magic experience for the victim by 10%. Same application as other venoms and can only be applied once. Reagents: 1 Noxshroom, 1 Primrose, 2 Wispy Cycad

Rank IV - Elixir of Experience - All experience gained (Natrelmon and Trainer) is boosted by 5% (at Rank VII this boost becomes 10%). Reagents: Blue Mist Flower

Venom/Anti-Venom of Amnesia - Reduces the enemy Natrelmon's experience by 1%. Can be applied up to 5 times. Reagents:

Rank V - ????? - At cost of normal herb searching, the user may find two instances of a singular herb in a zone.

Elixir of Focused Power - Allows the drinker to use an extra ability at cost of usage of 2 uses of another. Lasts 3 days.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Confusion - Swaps the spell schools of two of the victim's spell schools the next time they are in combat (IE: when they used Rank I Electromancy, they'd use Rank I Hydromancy instead). Can only be applied once. Poisoner chooses.

Rank VI - Elixir of Twisting Fates - When drunk, the imbiber can modify any and all roll values by 1. Lasts 3 days.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Locked Elements - The victim is unable to cast magic or use moves from a declared (by the poisoner) element.

Rank VII - ??? - The user has a 10% chance (roll a dice, 1-10 is successful) to produce a second Elixir or Venom.

Elixir of Second Chances - When drunk, the imbiber can preform one extra roll of any kind.

Elixir of Mimcry - This Elixir allows the imbiber to mimic an ability from another profession. This persists until another elixir is made. When attempting to imitate one time use ability, there is a 50% chance it will fail (success is 51-100). Can only mimic an ability equal or lower than the rank of the highest profession skill the imbiber has available to them. Successfully mimicking the abilities of another professions replaces the corresponding rank in yours. Cannot be used to gain access to the same one time use abilities in other trees more than once.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Silence - Victims of this venom cannot cast spells for 3 exchanges. Can be applied multiple times in individual doses. Makes 10 doses. Doses cannot overlap in combat.

Rank VIII - Seeds - The herbalist has a 10% chance of finding a seed in addition to their herbs. If the Herbalist has a farm, they can grow this seed on their property and yield one of that herb each week.

Elixir of Twins - Creates an Elixir that when used on a breeding pair, an additional Natrelmon is created identical to one of the other offspring.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Tied Fates - Creates a venom that, when applied, will create a link between the victim and one other. The second target is based on the application of a second instance of the Venom. Should one target be killed, the other is also killed. Persists for 3 days.

Rank IX - Elixir of New Talent - Imbiber rerolls a single gift roll in order to acquire a guaranteed new one at random.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Self-Loathing - When applied, the victim is unable to cast spells from a declared spell school (by the poisoner) without wounding themselves. If 10 spells are cast from that school, the victim is rendered unconscious. Persists for next three times they victim is in combat.

Rank X - Envenom - The Herbalist is able to mix the effects of up to three venoms at the same time.

Green Thumb - The Herbalists seeds now produce 3 instances of a Herb each week from their seeds.

Elixir of Switching - Allows the Herbalist to create an elixir that gives the imbiber the ability to switch one spell school or profession to another and transfer the experience as well. Can't be used on hidden schools of magic.

Venom of Conversion - Poisons the victim, switching either a profession or spell school to another. Can be used on hidden schools of magic if the poisoner has that school. Poisoner chooses what is switch to what.

Venom/Anti-Venom of Curses - When poisoned by this venom, all yields from wild rolls or libraries, for the course of a week, are given to the poisoner. Once a roll is stolen, the venom fades. Makes only one dose.
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Herbalist, Master of Synthesis
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