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 Tracker, Scion of the Wild

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PostSubject: Tracker, Scion of the Wild   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:30 pm

The tracker is a master survivalist and knows his way in the wild.

The tracker gains experience through encountering and capturing Natrelmon. Gains bonus experience when they encounter or capture a Natrelmon they are tracking.

Passive: The Tracker is able to sacrifice their Library roll for the week, gaining another Wild Roll.

Rank I - Wild Steps - Gains +15 on capture rolls for Natrelmon they are tracking, +10 on all capture rolls. The bonuses are cumulative.

Rank II - Hunter - The tracker declares a Natrelmon. If the rarity roll is correct and the encounter roll is within 25, then the Natrelmon is encountered. Gains bonus experience if they capture the Natrelmon.

Rank III - Specialization - The tracker specializes in reading the wilds for a particular type of Natrelmon. They can choose to encounter a Natrelmon of their chosen type within their rolled rarity if they so choose. They also gain a +10 to capture rolls of Natrelmon of that type. Specialization can only be switched once every 6 months.

Rank IV - On the Hunt - The tracker can reroll the encounter die for a rarity they have rolled.

Rank V - Subtle Signs - The tracker can control the gender of the Natrelmon they are encountering.

Rank VI - Nest - The tracker rolls an addition a die, if the die is below 15 they also find an egg of the Natrelmon they encountered that roll.

Rank VII - Into the Wild - The tracker endures the harshness of the wilderness, gaining an extra wild roll every two weeks.

Rank VIII - Secret Grove - The tracker can replace one existing Natrelmon roll possibility with a duplicate of another on the list within the same rarity.

Rank IX - Borderlands - The tracker can search two zones at the same time, but can only receive the wild roll from one of them.

Rank X - Fervent Pursuit - For every failed attempt at finding a Natrelmon they are tracking, the tracker gains +5 to the bonus on Hunter. Additionally, once, ever, they may upgrade a rarity roll directly. Capturing a Natrelmon resets the stacks on Fervent Pursuit.
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Tracker, Scion of the Wild
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