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 Scholar, Pursuant of Knowledge

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PostSubject: Scholar, Pursuant of Knowledge   Wed Dec 18, 2013 2:17 pm

The scholar pursues the ancient knowledges of the land.

The scholar levels through library rolls.

Rank I - Bookworm - The scholar is able to sacrifice their weekly wild roll for a second library roll. This roll gains experience.

Rank II - Expanded Library Card - The scholar is such a frequenter to the libraries of Nerta that they have earned the ability to take an extra book out each month (extra library roll every month).

Rank III - Fables are Truth - Successful library rolls that yield an undesirable result can be rerolled once.

Rank IV - Quick Reader - The scholar can reroll any library roll that did not yield them anything. Can only do this once per dice chain, and that roll gains no experience.

Rank V - Personal Collection - One a month, the Scholar gains a stack of "Collecting". The Scholar can consume a stack of Collecting to duplicate any one tome in their inventory.

Rank VI - Pursuit of Knowledge - The Scholar can reroll all selection rolls up to five times.

Rank VII - Gift of Knowledge - Once per month, the scholar can create a tome imitating the effects of one of the other tomes. This is then added to the library roll list. When that book is rolled by another player, the scholar gains the same effect as the person rolling it. The efficacy of these books degrades, lowering its effect by 25% of the maximum.

Rank VIII - Archive - Once a week, the Scholar can declare one library item (including Divine Armour), this item is on the possible roll list regardless of whether it would be there normally. It requires a roll value of 50 to acquire.

Rank IX - Subtext - Whenever the scholar rolls a tome, if it is the first tome of that type that they have gathered this month, they gain a stack of Subtext. When rolls reset, the scholar gains an additional library roll for every two stacks of Subtext they have and consume all Subtext.

Rank X - Cross Reference - Once per dice chain, the Scholar can reroll a roll that has already been rerolled. If this roll is consumed with Fables are Truth, they gain three rerolls and lose this passive.
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Scholar, Pursuant of Knowledge
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