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 Mage, Conjurer of Cheap Tricks

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PostSubject: Mage, Conjurer of Cheap Tricks   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:58 pm

The mage has a deeper connection to the magical arts, granting them access to cheap tricks.

The mage levels with their magic experience.

Rank I - Draconic Spirit - All of the Mage's Natrelmon are treated as if they had the Dragon-type for calculating magic experience (they do not have the Dragon-type or access to dragon moves). If the Natrelmon is already a Dragon-type, two separate amounts of Magic Experience are generated, each of which can be given to a separate school (or both to a single school).

Rank II - Deep Knowledge - The magic is able to understand their usage of magic better, granting them [Rank*5]% increased magic experience.

Rank III - Teleportation (TELEPOR) - Using slightly deep magic, the mage is able to teleport themselves, as well as up to two others they are touching to any major city.

Rank IV - Deeper Knowledge - The Mage declares a spell school. Whenever they gain magic experience, 50% of that experience is duplicated and added to the selected spell school. This effect can only give experience to a school that the magic exp was not given to. At Rank VII+, this effect is applied twice to two separate schools.

Rank V - Specialization - The mage can specialize in a particular school of spells. They can use an unlimited number of those rank one spells, but once the # of uses expires naturally they can only use one every 5 posts. Can only switch specialization once every 3 months.

Rank VI - Floating Discs - The mage is capable of conjuring a floating disc capable of carrying pretty much anything the mage wants. It hovers off the ground about 3 feet and follows along behind the mage.

Rank VII - Slightly Deep Magic - The mage can utilize every rank I spell for every school, for schools the mage does not know naturally, they can only use half the number of uses.

Rank VIII - Expansive Mind - The mage gains access to an additional school of spells. If they already have the additional gift for a spell school, they may only learn the school up to Rank V. If the mage has the gift, they can instead choose to instantly advance a rank.

Rank IX - Borrowed Wisdom - The mage is able to use a spell one rank higher than their current rank in any of their schools in or out of battle - once per month only. Does not work with passive spells as they are not cast. This ability has a separate cooldown for each school of magic, but can only be used a maximum of three times per month.

Rank X - Draconic Wisdom - Once per week the mage is able to access a singular spell from another school up to the half the rank of their highest school.
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Mage, Conjurer of Cheap Tricks
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