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 Breeder, the Lifebinder

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PostSubject: Breeder, the Lifebinder   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:40 am

Breeders are specialists in the art of cultivating new Natrelmon.

Breeders level through each successful egg produced and/or hatched.

Rank I - Careful Watch - Hatching chances increased by 10. This doubles at Rank V.

Rank II - Selective Nature - The Breeder is skilled enough to guide the cultivation of their eggs so innates for all Natrelmon produced by the breeder are selected by the breeder, not the dice. Bred Natrelmon gain 20% bonus experience.

Rank III - Gender Selection - The Breeder is capable of selecting the gender of the individual eggs they produce on their farm.

Rank IV - Geneticist - The breeder can now breed crossbred Natrelmon. Additionally, the breeder gains a flat 7 innates across the board for all offspring.

Rank V - Augmentation and Adaption - The breeder is able to alter the stat spread of their Natrelmon. Rather than taking averages, the breeder is able to adjust the stat spread to move points into different stat fields. This adjustment allows the breeder to take points out of one field down to the lower limit of the pairing and put the points in another field. For example, a pairing that has an average of 3 speed from breeding a 4 and a 2 would allow the breeder to put one of those points in another field should they choose, lowering their speed to 2, but increasing a stat such as MA (providing that the MA is not already at the upper limit - determined by the highest value in the breeding pair).

Additionally, bred Natrelmon gain +1 in each stat, but this bonus does not get considered should the crossbred Natrelmon breed.

Rank VI - Ensuring Survival - Can breed two Natrelmon of compatabile types and guarantee an offspring is hatched and produced, but only one egg can be yielded from this pairing.

Rank VII - New Species - Can breed two non-type associated Natrelmon once per month, but only yields one offspring. The egg only has a 20% chance to hatch.

Rank VIII - Evolution - Allows the breeder to access the innates of evolutions not currently accessed by the breeding pair.

Rank IX - Persistence and Faith - All eggs that failed to hatch for the breeder gain an additional hatch roll, but at 10% reduced chance of hatching (going no lower than 10% chance).

Rank X - Elemental Focus - Once per batch, the breeder can increase one of the types to an x2 with no cost to a standard elemental slot.
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Breeder, the Lifebinder
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