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 Tamer, something to do with discipline

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PostSubject: Tamer, something to do with discipline   Wed Dec 18, 2013 1:01 am

Tamers are professionals that specialize in the training of Natrelmon, allowing them unique ways to impart knowledge to Natrelmon under their care.

Tamers level their skill in their art through Natrelmon battles.

Rank I - Training Regime - A trainer adopts the philosophy of constant improvement. All Natrelmon the trainers own gain experience equal to 10% of the value of (IE: If the Natrelmon is 33, calculate the difference between 33 and 34 and add 10% of that value to the Natrelmon). Can only be used once per week.

Rank II - Circuit Training - The tamer is skilled enough to create a training regimes that allows them to gain 150% experience from training posts.

Rank III - Orientation - A trainer orients a newly gained Natrelmon to their team dynamics. That Natrelmon gains 20% increased experience for the first week the Natrelmon is on their team. Can only be gained once on an individual Natrelmon.

Rank IV - Specialization - The tamer specializes in training a type of Natrelmon. All Natrelmon with that type gain an additional 20% experience from all sources. This can be switched once every 3 months.

Rank V - Watch and Learn - The tamer is able to impart 20% of the experience any Natrelmon gains in battle to their lowest level Natrelmon.

Rank VI - Signature Move - The tamer is able to add an additional use of a move to each of their Natrelmon. This can only be switched every 3 months.

Rank VII - Secret Techniques - The tamer gains access to a secret evolution for a Natrelmon of the type they specialized in. This can ONLY be used once and only the Tamer's Natrelmon can be evolved using this method. The Tamer is then bound by Deep Magic, preventing them from revealing any secrets they gained from this skill.

Rank VIII - Lash of the Whip - Through rigorous training and extreme force of will, a single designated Natrelmon gains 50% extra experience from all battles, at the cost of no longer gaining out of combat experience.

Rank IX - Brave the Elements - Once every month, the Tamer can put a single Natrelmon through a training regime that gives it a resistance to a single type of the Tamer's choosing. The Natrelmon's attacks against the chosen type are also 1.25x more effective. A given type can only be conditioned for once, and the Tamer must spend the monthly cooldown in order to remove the conditioning from a natrelmon.

Rank X - Supremacy - Once per month, the tamer can forcibly evolve a Natrelmon regardless of level (except for secret evolutions).
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Tamer, something to do with discipline
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