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 RP Rules (IC)

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PostSubject: RP Rules (IC)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:40 am

ALRIGHT, welcome to Natrelmon! Put your bags to the side, and come down this automated walker for this mandatory rules reading for coming to a new forum! Don't try to run ahead, read everything carefully, and, more importantly, stick to it!

1) I'm going to group these all together, with small definitions, for the first rule.

Do NOT do the following!

Powerplay (Exert an awesome amount of power without verification)
Godmod (Control another's character without their consent)
Metagame (Spontaneously know something about a situation at hand while having no reason to know so)
Failroad (Attempt to force the situation at hand to strictly follow a written plot or story you wish to unfold)
P057 1n l337 (Post in that kind of manner)
One-line (Post single-line posts. All posts should adequately describe the scene. Aim for 3-4 paragraphs at minimum. You will not be killed for coming under that, but it is a mark to shoot for).

2) Try to have good grammar, especially with your IC posts. I mean, no, the grammar police isn't going to break down your door and ban you for a single mispelling, but at least run a spellcheck before you post if you're not that great at grammar? I mean... just look up. You don't even need to copy-paste to a word document.

3) Any battle, whether with Natrelmon or beer bottles, should be done with as much description as necessary, preferably with as much description as possible. However, do not clot it with irrelevent fluff either. If you've battled in other threads, you have a grasp of what I am saying.

4) Please get a general grasp of the battle system; the necessary databases and explanations are already present within the database section. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to ask.

I'm not saying you have to read EVERYTHING, but please at least read all of the rule sections.

5) Fine, your character can swear. But if that's all you're doing... don't do it. You really shouldn't need it outside of excited utterances.

And before you freak, "damn, crap," and "ass" AREN'T swears here.

6) *Sigh*

This is the big one.

Your character, and any of your Natrelmon, have the capability to die without your consent if your opponent kills your Natrelmon.

This will not occur in training battles. If a jerk comes up and offers a battle TO TRAIN, and you accept, and he goes and tries to his full power to absolutely kill your Natrelmon using that excuse to battle as a pretense to get close to you, he is at fault, not you. (If you must know, the jerk in this case metagamed.)

The same does not apply for Arena Masters, the Triumvate, or wild Natrelmon, or license to kill characters (plot). A few of the gym leaders have no apprehension against killing Natrelmon, and the Triumvate will rarely pass up a chance to completely obliterate you.

This is your one and only warning.
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RP Rules (IC)
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