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 Blood-type Moves

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PostSubject: Blood-type Moves   Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:41 pm

Elemental Quickfacts

Weaknesses: Poison
Resistances: None: All types, except Earth, Crystal, and Steel are 1.3x weak to Blood.

Innate Ability: Deep Wounds

Every attack the Blood Type Natrelmon lands on an enemy Natrelmon leaves a wound lasting X posts. Every post, the wound deals 1% of the enemy natrelmon's maximum health in damage to it.

Level 1 - 30 - X = 3
Level 40 - X = 4
Level 50 - X = 5
Level 60 - X = 6
Level 70 - X = 7
Level 80 - X = 8
Level 90 - X = 9
Level 100 - X = 10

Persistent Wounds [-]
Level 2
Whenever the Blood-type Natrelmon hits an enemy Natrelmon with a Blood-type attack, the duration of all wounds on the Natrelmon is reset.

Blood Reap [-]
Level 5
The Natrelmon creates a scythe blade (1 foot wide, 3 inches thick at its widest point) of glowing red energy and launches it at the opponent. This scythe blade bypasses all defences, physical and ethereal. Upon hitting the opponent, the opponent gains a wound. This move costs 5% of your maximum health for every use past 3 per post. Additionally, at the cost of 10% of maximum health, a true Scythe can be made proportional to the using Natrelmon's size that persists until it has made 6 successful attacks.

Sanguinary Wounds [2]
Level 7
All wounds currently on enemy Natrelmon become extremely bloody and are twice as effective for their duration. All new wounds made on the target while the target has a Sanguinary Wound are Sanguinary Wounds. If a Sanguinary Wound is refreshed, it ceases to be a Sanguinary Wound.

Old Wounds [2]
Level 10
The Blood type Natrelmon focuses its power on the enemy Natrelmon. If that target has a wound, the Natrelmon instantly gains [Level/10] wounds, capping at 5 wounds. Wounds created by Old Wounds only deal damage once per exchange.

Circle of Scorn [5]
Level 13
The Natrelmon releases blood from its body in several rivulets, costing it 10% of its current health. These rivulets will seek the enemy natrelmon out, and create a circle around the enemy Natrelmon of radius [Level/5] feet. While standing within a Circle of Scorn, Natrelmon and Trainers cannot be healed and wounds continue to do damage but do not expire.

Everlasting Scorn [-]
Level 17
If a Circle of Scorn is left undisturbed for 2 exchanges after its creation, it soaks into the ground and the earth becomes permanently cursed. This acts as a permanent Circle of Scorn. This effect does not end at the end of a battle.

Scent of Blood [2]
Level 20
The Blood type Natrelmon gorges on the scent of blood. For every wound on the enemy Natrelmon when Scent of Blood is used, that many Blood type attacks that the Natrelmon uses will home in on their target.

Enduring Agony [1]
Level 23
For the next exchange, whenever a wound expires, two wounds are added to that Natrelmon/Trainer. If a Natrelmon is in a Circle of Scorn or under one's effects, instead three wounds are added.

Cull the Weak [-]
Level 27
Whenever a Wound causes damage to its victim, the victim's damage is lowered by 1%. This effect lasts until five wounds have expired.

Unnatural Vitality [-]
Level 30
The Blood-type Natrelmon's blood grants twice as many moves for Blood Magic spells.

Self-Loathing [-]
Level 30
Whenever an enemy has 3 or more wounds, every exchange rivulets of blood will leak from the Trainer/Natrelmon and form a Circle of Scorn around them. While this Circle of Scorn is active, until it is destroyed, the Trainer/Natrelmon whose blood made up the circle will be under its effects. Self-Loathing is not applied to Circles of Scorn that have persisted from previous battles.

Traitorous Blood [1]
Level 40
The Blood type Natrelmon can only use this ability on a Natrelmon/Trainer with 10 or more wounds. The Natrelmon commands the blood of the enemy to obey, causing them to either: Freeze in place or Take simple steps according to the Natrelmon's desire. This effect lasts for one exchange.

If Traitorous Blood is used while a Circle of Scorn from Self-Loathing is active on the victim, they may completely control the victim within the bounds of the Circle of Scorn.
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Blood-type Moves
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