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 Divine Armour - Master Thief's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Master Thief's Set   Divine Armour - Master Thief's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:14 pm

Echo of the Wind

A pair of sleek black leather boots that smell faintly of rain. While wearing the boots, the user may phase through solid objects as if they had intangibility once every five exchanges. Out of combat, the boots can be used for this purpose indefinitely, but only while the user's intention is to steal.

Additionally, while wearing the Echo of the Wind, the user is completely silent, as are any Master Thief's Set items they are wearing or using.

Remnant of Honour

A set of four throwing knives that are twelve inches long from blade to handle. The blades are sheer black and surprisingly thin. The blades have several unique properties:

- The blades can pierce any inanimate material by partially fusing the area they are inserted into with the void. While inserted, the blades cannot be dislodged by any means except by the bearer's will.

- When stabbed into a human, the bearer can choose to flood the victim with void energy rather than creating a wound. Targets flooded with void energy are immediately sent to sleep, which they cannot awaken from by natural means for an hour. This effect only works on individuals unaware that they have been attacked, and can only be used once per week per person.

- At any point, the bearer can move the blades through the void and return them to their hands instantly. This effect has no cooldown and no limit of uses.

Trick of the Light

A small black coin of indeterminate make - individuals who see the coin often remark that it looks extremely valuable, though they are not sure where it is from.

The Trick of the Light allows the user to bend the light around them, becoming invisible to all units and magical detection. This invisibility does not work on units within 3 feet of the user's location.

The Trick of the Light can, instead, allow the user to don a disguise that appears differently to each individual they come across as per the user's desire. Targets will believe the disguise completely, including any credentials that they require, until the user acts out of character for the disguise.

Jeux de Hasard

The Jeux de Hasard is a solid black rapier, sleek and shadowless. The rapier's guard seems to absorb light, twisting around its owner's hand as if to protect it when it is wielded.

The rapier is able to phase through reality and into the void, and then back into reality. At will, the tip of the blade phases into the void, and can travel up to 7.5 feet in a straight line before re-emerging instantly. While using this ability, the rapier is intangible except for the tip. This intangibility lasts for three seconds after the blade's reach is extended in this fashion.

Shroud of Whispering Wind

A cloak that feels almost weightless and is a deep black colour. The cloak does not move with the wind in the physical world, but can sometimes be seen blowing as if it is in a different world. While wearing the cape, the user can mark an area upon which they are stood. At any point, the user can immediately teleport to that area. The user can only teleport once every three exchanges, and the marks only last for four exchanges. Out of combat, the cloak possesses no time-based restrictions.

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Divine Armour - Master Thief's Set
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