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 Divine Armour - Black Wolf's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Black Wolf's Set   Divine Armour - Black Wolf's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:13 pm

Spellscythe of Unbridled Power

A long, black scythe carved from the remains of a charred oak tree. The staff smells faintly of smoke and various ritual herbs, but emanates an aura of unmistakeable evil. While wielding the staff, at the user's discretion, any spell the user casts will be duplicated and fired from the tip of the staff if applicable. When exposed to Blood Magic, the staff emanates a permanent Boiling Blood circle, [Rank in Blood Magic] feet in radius. The user is immune to all of their own Blood Magic, but are doubly weak to an enemy's Blood Magic.

Pact of the First Archmage

A grimoire bound in black leather. Emblazoned upon the front of the Grimoire is a diagram of the main schools of magic and beneath it a disturbing image of the first blood magic ritual to have ever been performed. The book smells of wet blood and has obviously been lovingly cared for, despite its age.

Whenever the Bearer of the book casts a spell of a Rank they have not cast yet this battle, the book gains a charge of "Empowered". Spells whose Rank is equal to the stacks of "Empowered" the book has do not consume uses or resources. Whenever the Bearer misses with a spell or their Natrelmon is damaged, the book loses a stack of "Empowered".

When the book is exposed to Blood Magic, the Bearer may gain or lose a stack of "Empowered" at the beginning of each exchange.

Heart of the First Dragon

An ancient crystalline heart suspended from a chain of silver with gold filigree. The heart has an oddly smooth feel to it, and pulses with magical energy as if it were still alive. While wearing the Heart, its bearer's spells are twice as powerful as they would normally be. When exposed to Blood Magic, the Heart's ability changes to instead allow the Blood Mage [Rank] free uses of Blood Magic spells.

Crown of Fading Heartbeats

Initially the Crown of Fading Heartbeats appears to be a crystal much like the Heart of the First Dragon, though it is slightly cracked and has a large number of ridges embedded deep into its surface. The crystal, unlike the Heart, is a deep red in colour and holding it in one's hands is reminiscent of feeling blood rush swiftly through one's veins. When exposed to the magic of the user, the Crown of Fading Heartbeats splits into a crown, with a large shard in the centre and smaller shards arcing outwards, gradually decreasing in height, until it rests on both ears. The longest shard is at the back of the head, and while the crown is worn it shines with an almost glistening hue, as if blood is coursing through it at all times. While wearing the crown, the user gains the ability to see all beings with blood independently of their traditional senses. This effect has a range of 100 feet. When the Crown of Fading Heartbeats is exposed to Blood Magic, the user also gains the ability to lace spells of other schools of magic of [Rank/2] or less with their blood, costing one use of Bloodbolt, rendering them unable to be countered by Counterspell or Spellshatter.

Ring of Corrupted Flame

A silver ring inlaid with a single large ruby. The ring smells faintly of smoke at all times, and the ruby will glow an angry red whenever the user is angered or casts a spell. Whenever the user casts a single-target spell, a circle of flames [Rank of Highest Spell School] feet in diameter is created beneath the the impact point of the spell. After two exchanges the circle erupts, dealing significant fire damage to all enemies caught within. If the Ring of Corrupted Flame is exposed to Blood Magic, the circle of fire will erupt after a single exchange and restore one use of Bloodbolt for each target hit. Additionally, the Ring of Corrupted Flame will passively heal the bearer for 20% of the damage dealt by all spells.

Set Bonus: Robes of the Archmage

The user has Rank X in every Spell School, excluding Gishiki and Restoration.
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Divine Armour - Black Wolf's Set
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