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 General Posting Rules (Non-RP)

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PostSubject: General Posting Rules (Non-RP)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:22 am

These are the guidelines for chat, suggestion, and OOC posts, and should be followed accordingly.

1) Keep it clean. You aren't in character. There's no reason to swear at all, in or out of context.
2) Keep it clear, as in a chat color we can see and do not use excessive CapsLock. For example, this, but not THIS.
3) Keep all art posted appropriate. This also includes your avatar and your signature. Remember, we belong to Forumotion, and we can get in big trouble if there's one bad egg.
4) Do not post music videos or anything that automatically creates sound in your signature. Not everyone has the same taste in music. Respect that.
5) Keep anything you should be telling a psychiatrist to yourself. It only brings the entire forum mood down.
6) On the flip side, if you're going to be inactive for an extended period of time (or quit), it would be courteous of you to leave a post saying so, especially to those you are currently in rp with.
7) Above all else, have fun using the forums.
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General Posting Rules (Non-RP)
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