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 Psychic-type Moves

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PostSubject: Psychic-type Moves   Sat Jul 21, 2012 5:23 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Dark, Ghost
Resistances: Fighting

Innate Ability: Psychic Aura

The Psychic-type Natrelmon has a spherical aura surrounding it, [5 + Level/2.5] (rounded up) feet in radius.

Mind Reader [-]
Level 1
The Psychic-type Natrelmon has Telepathy.

Telekinetic Glare [15 + [Level/5]]
Level 2
The Psychic-type Natrelmon's eyes emit a brief flash of pink-tinted light and a sphere of purple telekinetic energy is released in a direction. The sphere will knock back anything that it hits [Level/10] feet, but does very little actual damage. Travels at 10 fps.

If the Psychic-type Natrelmon is level 20 or above, Telekinetic Glare can instead create a spike of energy that takes 2 seconds to appear at the target location. The spike deals moderate damage and has a good deal of force, knocking whatever it hits [Level/5] feet back. This effect can only be applied within the first half of the radius of the Psychic-type Natrelmon's Psychic Aura.

Levitation [-]
Level 7
The Psychic-type Natrelmon gains AS equal to its LS. While the Psychic-type Natrelmon is using AS, the radius of its Psychic Aura is reduced by 25%.

Sensory Field [-]
Level 8
The Psychic-type Natrelmon has complete knowledge of everything within the range of its Psychic Aura. Sensory Field does work against most physical obstructions and visual alterations except those used of the Ghost and Dark Elements.

Psychic Shield [10]
Level 10
The Psychic-type Natrelmon creates a [2 + Level/10] feet long and tall shield in front of itself or any ally within any Psychic Aura. The shield can take [Level/10] hits, up to a maximum of five, and will dissipate after two exchanges. A maximum of five shields can be created per exchange, and the shield cannot be created within ten feet of an opponent unless it is closer to the target than to the opponent. The shield has no effect on Dark-type or Ghost-type moves.

At level 30, Psychic Shields can be made spherical.

Meditation [3]
Level 12
The Psychic-type Natrelmon channels indefinitely. For each post spent channeling, one use of Telekinetic Glare is restored. For every exchange spent channelling, one use of Psychic Shield is restored.

Power Transfer [-]
Level 14
The Psychic-type Natrelmon's Psychic-type moves can pass through friendly barriers without breaking them.

Vision Trick [3]
Level 17
The Psychic-type Natrelmon alters the perception of all victims currently looking into the Psychic Aura. For two exchanges, the Psychic-type Natrelmon chooses where all victims perceive the Psychic-type's location, and the location of all projectiles currently under their control.

Control Field [-]
Level 22
The Psychic-type Natrelmon has complete control over all of their own moves within their Psychic Aura, allowing them to control the movement of the attack entirely while it remains within the aura.

Psychic Envelopment [3]
Level 27
Psychic Envelopment allows the using Natrelmon to use their psychic energies to coat an attack entering their aura in psychic energies. This allows them to redirect the attack at their whim. Attacks that do not completely enter the aura are merely stalled. Physical attacks can envelope the Natrelmon attacking with a physical attack and remove them from their psychic aura with a respectable force, but cannot maintain control beyond an initial redirection.

Level 30
The Psychic-type Natrelmon instantly relocates itself to any point within its Psychic Aura. If the Psychic-type Natrelmon has less than ten uses of Telekinetic Glare, they gain uses of Telekinetic Glare until they have ten uses.

Psychic Sleep [-]
Level 35
Meditation gains three additional uses. For the duration of Meditation, the Psychic-type Natrelmon is able to use Psychic-type moves without interrupting their channelling of Meditation. Additionally, the Psychic-type Natrelmon's Psychic Aura is restored to its full radius over the course of three exchanges.

Expanded Mind [-]
Level 35
The radius of the Psychic-type Natrelmon's Psychic Aura is increased by 50% for the duration of Meditation and two exchanges after Meditation ends.

Subconscious [-]
Level 40
The Psychic-type Natrelmon can now launch attacks from their allies, including their trainer.

Mind over Matter [-]
Level 45
Whenever the Psychic-type Natrelmon would take fatal damage, they instead lose all uses of Telekinetic Glare and their health is set to 25% of their maximum health. This effect can only be triggered if the Psychic-type Natrelmon has 10 or more uses of Telekinetic Glare left.

Additionally, all friendly barriers, walls, and shields within the Psychic-type Natrelmon's Psychic Aura can take [Level/25] additional hits, rounded down.

Mind's Eye [-]
Level 50
The Psychic-type Natrelmon selects a move from any moveset. One use of that move is restored, and the Psychic-type Natrelmon loses uses of Telekinetic Glare equal to the level of the move divided by 10, rounded up.

??? [-]
Level 60

??? [-]
Level 70

??? [-]
Level 80

??? [-]
Level 90

??? [-]
Level 100
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Psychic-type Moves
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