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 Abjuration, School of Defence

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PostSubject: Abjuration, School of Defence   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:13 pm

Note: Abjuration spells require a physical motion to guide the wall's magic. The spells are not purely mental. All barriers, including Abjuration spells, must be cast closer to the user's Natrelmon than to the enemy's Natrelmon.

Innate Ability: Resilience

Whenever an enemy casts a spell or uses an offensive move within 200 feet of the Abjurer, the Abjurer gains a stack of Protection. For each exchange that the Abjurer's barriers remain intact the Abjurer gains a stack of Protection.

Stacks of Protection can be consumed to restore uses of Feeble Wall, Wall, and Greater Wall at a rate of 5, 10, and 15 stacks respectively.

Rank I - Feeble Wall [3]

A pathetic wall that can take only one hit. It can be any size up to 3 x 3 feet.

Rank II - Counterspell [2]

A spell that counters an enemy spellcast. Their use of the spell is used up, but the spell has no effect. All motions and actions associated with the spell take place, but the spell itself ceases. Counterspell does not affect Abjuration spells. Counterspell is learned at Rank I Abjuration.

Rank III - Wall [3]

A medium strength wall that can take two hits. It can be any size up to 5 x 5 feet.

Rank IV - Greater Wall [2]

A strong wall that can take five hits. It can be any size up to 7 x 7 feet.

Rank V - Pure Soul [1]

Once per battle, one of the user's walls may become reflective to all attacks. This counts as the wall being hit, but the attack never reaches it. It is instead reflected back at its user like a "homing missile" at 0.5x strength.

Rank VI - Abjurer's Absorption [2]

The user causes one wall to "absorb" an attack. This attack is then stored within the trainer, allowing them to relaunch it from their palm whenever they choose.

Rank VII - Suzaku's Fortitude [-]

The Abjurer can now channel to take control of one of their walls, allowing them to freely move it around.

Rank VIII - Encompassing Wall [2]

The user creates a dome/sphere (dome will contain a 'floor' of energy) of powerful energy around themselves or their Natrelmon. This wall can take 6 hits from any attack before shattering. Constant attacks, such as a stream, will allow the wall to last seconds instead of hits. e.g., channeling a stream at the wall for 4 seconds will use 4 hits.

Rank IX - Shield of Faith [-]

The user's spiritual energy is infused into their barriers, making them immune to magical attacks. The absorption of enemy magic grants the user the ability to use one more Feeble Wall for every spell absorbed. Spells absorbed from Feeble Wall do not trigger Shield of Faith.

Rank X - Aegis of the Queen [-]

The Abjurer can sacrifice two stacks of Protection in order to block any attack that comes within fifteen feet of the Abjurer, or any ally within fifteen feet of the Abjurer by summoning a Wall in its path.

All of the Abjurer's Feeble Walls gain the strength of Walls.

Additionally, if the Abjurer is surrounded by an Encompassing Wall, their Channeling cannot be interrupted.

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Abjuration, School of Defence
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