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 Invocation, School of Deceit

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PostSubject: Invocation, School of Deceit   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:12 pm

Innate Ability: Illusory Power

Whenever a Mirror Image is summoned or is destroyed, or an enemy is hit by an illusory attack, the Invocation Mage gains a stack of Illusory Power.

The Invocation Mage can sacrifice up to 5 stacks of Illusory Power. For the next 2 exchanges, all spells of the rank equal to the sacrificed stacks do not consume uses. For the duration of this effect, all of the spells of the chosen Rank have a one exchange cooldown.

The Invocation Mage's spells of Rank VI or above do not consume uses for as long as the Invocation Mage has 10 or more stacks of Illusory Power (this effect has a cooldown of 5 exchanges).

Innate Ability: Heightened Awareness

The user is able to conjure minor illusions that can only be used out of combat (unless used on yourself or your Natrelmon). The user passively uses this for Natrelmon and Magic training, gaining 1.1x increased experience for battles and training.

Rank I - Deceptive Bolt [10]

The Invocation Mage fires a bolt of arcane energy that has the power to take on the appearance of any other spell that the Invocation Mage can cast, provided that it is of similar size to the Deceptive Bolt. (No AoE spells, etc.).

At Rank VII, the Invocation Mage can sacrifice a use of Mirror Image in order to turn the illusory Deceptive Bolt into a real spell that deals 50% damage.

Rank II - Aspect of Mirrors [2]

Active: The Invocation Mage becomes invisible for one second, then appears in a target location within five feet of their current location. If the Invocation Mage is within eight feet of an enemy human, the Invisibility will break. The Invocation Mage can sacrifice a stack of Illusory Power to summon a Mirror Image at their original location, but this Mirror Image does not grant stacks of Illusory Power.

Passive: The Invocation Mage gains an additional stack of Illusory Power whenever an illusory attack hits an enemy.

Rank III - Mirror Image [3]

The Invocation Mage creates an illusion of themselves that is identical to them in every way. The illusion moves and casts spells independently of the Invocation Mage, but none of the spells it casts deal any damage. The illusion can cast the user's spells up to a maximum of [Rank - 2] spells. The illusion will disperse after taking [Rank/2] hits, rounded down.

If the illusion lasts for five exchanges before it dissipates, upon its dissipation a use of Mirror Image is restored.

Rank IV - Spellfeint [-]

Mirror Images now have the ability to channel, causing them to increase their caster's spell power by 50%, stacking additively.

Invocation spells can be cast from any illusion.

Rank V - Locus of Power [2] 

The Invocation Mage or one of their Mirror Images channels for one exchange, creating a locus of arcane energy at their location. The locus can be destroyed by hitting it with three Natrelmon attacks or two non-Invocation spells. Illusions that travel through the locus become Invisible for two exchanges. This effect has a 6 exchange cooldown.

Whenever the Invocation Mage or a Mirror Image is within 5 feet of a Locus, they can immediately swap positions with any of their illusions or the Invocation Mage. This effect has a 3 exchange cooldown.

Rank VI - Spellshatter [3]

The Invocation Mage overwhelms the essence of an enemy's spell, countering it and preventing the caster from casting that spell for [Rank] exchanges. For the next [Rank/2] exchanges, the Invocation mage may cast that spell, except it is an illusion.

Rank VII - Prismatic Seal [3]

The Invocation Mage places a seal on the ground that becomes invisible after three seconds. If an enemy moves within three feet of the seal, it triggers, binding them in place with illusory chains for three seconds.

If the Prismatic Seal is within the range of a Locus of Power, it will instead chain all enemies within [Rank*1.5] feet of the Prismatic Seal, and can be detonated at will rather than automatically detonating.

Rank VIII - Power Overwhelming [1]

Active: The Invocation Mage infuses themselves with arcane power for three exchanges. At the beginning of each exchange, the Invocation Mage doubles the number of stacks of all buffs that they currently have, and their spells are 25% more potent for the next three exchanges. Power Overwhelming cannot have free uses.

Passive: The Invocation Mage can sacrifice ten stacks of Illusory Power to make any given illusion real. This effect has a 10 exchange cooldown.

Rank IX - Into the Aether [2] 

The Invocation Mage becomes invisible and invulnerable for three exchanges, restoring a use of Mirror Image for each exchange that they are invulnerable. For the duration of Into the Ether, they cannot use harmful spells, cannot perform harmful actions, and cannot give their Natrelmon verbal instructions.

Into the Aether disperses as soon as the Invocation Mage has no Mirror Images.

Rank X - Unleashed Potential [1]

The Invocation Mage creates a Locus of Power, and then creates a zone fifteen feet in radius from each active Locus of Power.

For the next two exchanges, all actions that take place within the range of a Locus of Power occur along a separate timeline for as long as they remain in the Locus of Power's range. The Invocation Mage returns to their original location in time and space after the effect ends, but all uses of spells and damage received in the alternate timeline cease to be as Unleashed Potential ends.

Unleashed Potential cannot have free uses.

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Invocation, School of Deceit
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