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 Hydromancy, School of Water

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PostSubject: Hydromancy, School of Water   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:09 pm

Innate Ability: Veil of Mists [-]

The user creates a [10 + Rank*2] feet diameter cylinder of mist around them (8 feet high). This ability has a four exchange cooldown.

For each Rank of Rank III and above, the user gets an additional use of Hazeborn Tears. The Hydromancer is able to see through the mist, and through the mist of other Hydromancers.

Mist moves at a rate of 0.25 feet per second.

If the Hydromancer moves out of their Veil of Mists it will dissipate after [[Rank] - 1] exchanges.

Innate Ability: One with the Mist

For as long as the Hydromancer is stood still within the mist, they cannot be sensed (including by enemy Hydromancers).

Rank I - Hazeborn Tears [4]

The user fires a spherical globule of water with 1 foot diameter from their palm. This explodes into a sphere of mist equal to [Rank*4] feet in diameter. Hazeborn Tears deals strong Water-type damage if it directly hits a target.

Rank II - Mistwalker [3]

Allows the Hydromancer to transport themselves to anywhere within their mist (cannot be within disconnected patches of Mist). When the user arrives, Veil of Mists immediately creates new mist. At Rank VII Hydromancy, the Hydromancer can use Mistwalker to transport to disconnected patches of mist.

Rank III - Mist Reader [-]

Allows the user to sense all within the mists, much like a Psychic within their aura. Additionally, if the user wills it, the mist will match the user's speed instead of being left behind.

Rank IV - Break One's Word [[Rank]]

Counters an enemy spell that starts within the mist. Includes Blood Magic. While the caster of the countered spell remains within the mist, they cannot cast that spell again.

Rank V - Binding Tears [-]

The Hydromancer, upon making melee contact with an enemy, can expend a use of Hazeborn Tears to mark themselves and an enemy with a binding seal.

While connected, the Hydromancer can sense the location of the enemy and vice-versa (as long as the Hydromancer is not within their mist). This sensory range is limited to 10 miles.

While bound, casting a spell will cause the seal to break, forming a Veil of Mists around the caster. When the first person breaks the seal, the seal is removed from the second.

The seal expires after 1 day of not being in combat of if the Hydromancer moves more than 1 mile away from the seal.

Rank VI - Body of Mists [3]

Converts the entire Hydromancer's body into mist, allowing them to negate any attack that is not Cryomancy or Ice-type in nature. The Hydromancer reforms at the beginning of the next exchange, and can move while dispersed. While the Hydromancer is dispersed, they benefit from One with the Mist. Has a five exchange cooldown.

Rank VII - Mist of Many Secrets [3]

For the next three exchanges: While within the Mist, all enemy casters are unable to cast non-Hydromancy spells and the user's spellcasts cannot be countered while they are in Mist. Mist of Many Secrets has a six exchange cooldown. Mist of Many Secrets cannot be countered.

Additionally, whenever the Hydromancer uses Hazeborn Tears, a patch of mist will form to connect the mist surrounding the Hydromancer with the disconnected patch. This effect can only occur once every ten exchanges.

Rank VIII - Coalesce [-]

The Hydromancer consumes all of their existing mist and creates up 5 new Veil of Mists at any point on the battlefield, but not within 25 feet of each other.

The Hydromancer regains a use of Hazeborn Tears for each Veil of Mists that they did not use, up to 4.

Coalesce can only be used when the Hydromancer has 5 currently active Veil of Mists, and has a 10 exchange cooldown.

Rank IX - Ebb and Flow [-]

The Hydromancer's mist now remembers all spells that enemies have cast within it. If an enemy's spell is affected by Break One's Word, it can be used on that spell outside of the mist for the remainder of the battle.

The Hydromancer regains a use of Break One's Word for each use of Hazeborn Tears that they gain, up to a maximum of two per use of Coalesce.

Rank X - Part the Veil [5]

The Hydromancer solidifies the boundaries of a unique Veil of Mists, magically preventing people or Natrelmon from entering or leaving its bounds by any means. This lasts for a total of 10 seconds.

Once used upon a Veil of Mists, Part the Veil cannot be used on the same Veil of Mists again.

Passive: Binding Tears no longer expires with distance or spellcasts for as long as the Hydromancer wishes to maintain it, and the Hydromancer can choose whether or not a Veil of Mists is created. The Hydromancer can maintain a total of one permanent binding seal at a time, though they can have others choose to remain dormant.

Passive: The Hydromancer's first use of Break One's Word are free in each unique body of mist they enter.

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Hydromancy, School of Water
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