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 Kazemancy, School of Winds

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PostSubject: Kazemancy, School of Winds   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:07 pm

Innate Ability: Windborne

The user can now fly at an AS of [Rank]. This movement is extremely rudimentary, and only consists of basic movement in linear directions. If at any point you have 0 AS, you cease being able to fly.

Rank I - Windborn Weapon [Rank + 5]

The user condenses wind into a projectile weapon and launches it at the opponent. One of the more powerful Rank I Spells. The maximum speed a Windborn Weapon can achieve is 12+[Rank] feet per second.

When striking an enemy, Windborn Weapon is converted to a blunt striking force.

Rank II - Terminal Velocity [-]
A Kazemancer travelling at their maximum speed gains the ability to have their offensive Wind Spells deal AoE damage equal to [Rank/2] at the point of impact. AoE damage from Terminal Velocity deals 'cutting' type damage.

Rank III - Slashdance [-]
The user sacrifices a point(s) in their AS and charges for an exchange to create a blade(s) of wind about a foot in height. This launches out at an enemy in a line. Slashdance travels at a rate of 10+[Rank] per second. The movespeed will restore over the course of 5 exchanges.

Rank IV - Wind's Majesty [-]

The user channels, imbuing one of their Natrelmon with the ability to fly at speed equal to their ground speed plus + for as long as the user remains in their meditative trance. Should they be interrupted, the Natrelmon will take 10% of the normal damage they would from falling to the ground.

Rank V - Acceleration [3]

The user bathes either themselves or their Natrelmon in wind energy, reducing friction and increasing their aerodynamics, granting them [Rank/3] in all speed stats. Can also be laced into an offensive wind spell and used as a reverse effect on the enemy Natrelmon at a lesser effectiveness (25% slow). Lasts for 10 seconds.

Rank VI - Windwalker's Finesse [-]

The user may now fly as if they were a Wind-type Natrelmon with wings. This ability gives them incredible manual dexterity, allowing them to perform great feats of acrobatics.

Kazemancers can now arc their wind based projectiles.

Kazemancers now passively channel Wind's Majesty.

Rank VII - Wrath of the Windborne [1]

The Kazemancer enters a state, sheathing themselves in a blue-white aura, increasing their AS two fold, lasting for the next 3 exchanges. Any Wind Spells launched in this time are stored and launched again one exchange after the state ends - at direction of the Kazemancer. All sacrifices to AS during this time are restored to normal values one exchange later.

Passively, AS sacrificed for Slashdance grants 2 blades per AS sacrificed.

Rank VIII - Byakko's Claws [-]

The Kazemancer can, at any point, split any offensive Wind spell into three parallel blades, resetting their arcs, each retaining a third of spells original power. Should all three hit the opponent, the Kazemancer gains Byakko's Wrath, granting them 5 AS. AS gained through Byakko's Wrath can stack beyond the maximum of the Kazemancer's Windborne and will last until consumed (these must be consumed first). Bonus AS stacks from Byakko's claws will create three copies of Windborn Weapon or Slashdance per cast. Neither consumed stacks, nor split spells can be laced with Voidzone or benefit from Terminal Velocity.

One per battle, should the Kazemancer fall to 0 AS, it is instantly restored, but they cannot cast any wind spells for 2 exchanges.

Rank IX - Voidzone [2]

Imbues an offensive Wind Spell with the ability to completely halt all movement in a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot cube at the point of impact. This is achieved by raising wind resistance to the point that even normal movement is impossible. Lasts for twelve seconds.

Rank X - Fragment of the Zephyr [-]

Kazemancers always fly at an AS of 10, even if they have sacrificed their AS to other moves. Kazemancers below 10 AS are locked from the Kazemancy school.

Additionally, the Kazemancer passively generates an additional AS every 5 exchanges, capping at 15.

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Kazemancy, School of Winds
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