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 Geomancy, School of Earth

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PostSubject: Geomancy, School of Earth   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:05 pm

Innate Ability: Patience

At the beginning of each exchange, if the Geomancer has cast no spells since the last exchange, they gain two stacks of “Patient”.

At the beginning of each exchange, if the Geomancer has cast non-Geomancy spells, they gain one stack of “Patient”.

Geomancy spells can only be cast using the Natrelmon as a focus if the use is defensive.

Geomancy spells do not consume a use for as long as the cast spell blocked an attack. This effect has a [10 - [Rank]] cooldown.

Innate Ability: Tectonic Sense

The Geomancer is able to sense all things touching the ground within [Patience * 5] feet of themselves in any given direction. If this range reaches 100 feet, it remains at 100 feet for the remainder of the battle regardless of Patience.

Rank I - Earthen Wall [3]

The Geomancer raises a wall of earth from the ground, up to [5 + [Rank]] feet by [5 + [Rank]] feet. The walls must be quadrilateral, must remain connected to the ground, and can only be cast within [Rank*10] feet of the Geomancer, and [Rank*2.5] feet of their Natrelmon.

The Geomancer can manipulate an additional wall for every two stacks of Patient that the Geomancer has. This effect consumes all of the Geomancer's Patience.

Rank II - Eruption [5]

The Geomancer raises a spike of earth from the ground within [Rank*5] feet of themselves, up to [2 + [Rank]] feet high. Eruption consumes all Patience upon being cast, creating an additional spike per stack of Patience.

Rank III - Unyielding Defence [-]

Once every six exchanges, the next attack that gets within five feet of the Geomancer will instantly be met with a wall of earth that can take [Rank] hits before crumbling. The wall will persist for [Rank/2] exchanges, rounded down. The wall created by Unyielding Defence can only be created perpendicular to the earth, and cannot defend from aerial attacks.

Rank IV - React In Kind [-]

If the Geomancer has 10 or more Patience when they cast Earth Wall or Eruption, its use is refunded. This effect has a [10 - [Rank]] exchange cooldown.

Rank V - Indomitable Will [2]

For the next two exchanges, the Geomancer can now apply Patience to Unyielding Defence, allowing them to create additional walls, and Unyielding Defence has no cooldown as long as the user has 10 or more Patience.

Rank VI - Peace through War [-]

Whenever the Geomancer makes physical contact with a spike created by Eruption, they can transform the spike into a melee weapon which they can wield. Whenever the Geomancer is wielding a weapon through the use of Peace through War, they gain an Earth Wall that can move through the ground that can be freely manipulated within ten feet of themselves.

Rank VII - Enlightenment [-]

Once every ten exchanges, the Geomancer can place Unyielding Defence on cooldown (provided it is available for use) in order to restore all Patience that their last spell consumed.

Rank VIII - Intense Meditation [1]

The Geomancer Silences themselves for two exchanges, gaining Patience equal to the Patience they gained over the last three exchanges.

Rank IX - Takamagahara [1]

The Geomancer raises an area of earth from the ground, 15 x 15 feet, and can float up to [Rank*10] feet in the air on the platform. While the Geomancer is maintaining the platform’s flight, they can only cast Geomancy spells. The platform moves at an AS of +++++ [5] and is indestructible for as long as the Geomancer casts no other spells. The platform is tethered to the ground by a line of energy which transmits the Tectonic Sense passive. If the Geomancer has no Patience, the platform gains a circular wall around its edge that is indestructible for as long as the Geomancer casts no other spells.

Rank X - Wisdom of the Ages [-]

The Geomancer's Patience gain is doubled. Whenever the Geomancer procs Unyielding Defence, they gain five stacks of Patience. The Geomancer can move through their own Geomancy spells and their Natrelmon's Earth-type moves as if they were Intangible.
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Geomancy, School of Earth
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