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 Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules

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PostSubject: Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules   Sat Jan 21, 2012 10:05 pm

+Finding Wild Natrelmon!  Five Easy Steps!+

#1) Roll the percentage dice four times!

#2) Check what the first roll is for the rarity of the Natrelmon, as defined below!

1-55 Common/Semi-Uncommon
56-90 Uncommon/Semi-Rare
91-99 Rare
100 Very Rare

#3) Check the second roll, and match it with the area you are in and the rarity you rolled!  This is what Natrelmon you got!

#4) Check the third roll for level of the wild Natrelmon!  Find the level of your highest-leveled Natrelmon and simply add the tens digit and subtract the ones digit!

#5) Check the fourth roll for gender of the Natrelmon!  1-50 is female, while 51-100 is male!

+Capturing Wild Natrelmon!  Five Easy Steps!+

#1) Check what Relic you are using and get the basic capture percentage (BCP) below!

Relic F: 70%
Relic E: 80%
Relic D: 90%
Relic C: 100%
Relic B: 110%
Relic A: 120%

#2) Check the first roll again and see what rarity it is!  
Common: 0%
Semi-Uncommon: 5%
Uncommon: 10%
Semi-Rare: 15%
Rare: 20%
Very Rare: 25%
Legendary: 30%

#3) Check your third roll again and see what level the wild is!  Then plug the level and the % of health the wild has left into the equation below!  


#4) Subtract the values you got from #2 and #3 from your BCP!  This is now your Final Capture Percentage (FCP)!

#5) Roll another die in-character to represent using a Relic!  If this value is equal to or less than your FCP, congratulations!  If not, try again, or weaken the wild Natrelmon more to increase your chances!  

+Commonly Asked Questions!+

Q: What do I have to do to find a wild?
A: Absolutely nothing!  Just create a thread in the area you want to search in and roll!

Q: How often can I search for a wild?
A: Once a week!  This time period resets at 12.00AM GMT on Monday!  

Q: I missed a wild last week.  Can I go back and do it?
A: Sorry!  Unless you let the Creators or Wild Moderators know ahead of time, you can’t redo last week’s wilds!

Q: I didn’t get anything I wanted… Can I reroll?
A: Yes, actually!  However, to do this, your initial search (the post you make before you roll) must be at least 5 lines long!  You second search must be double this!  Any subsequent rerolls will double the last… so watch out!

Q: I’ve rolled three times already and wrote 5 lines for each.  Can I reroll for all three times?
A: No, sorry!  You can only reroll on the very last search you’ve done!
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Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules
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