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 Magical Experience System for Trainers

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PostSubject: Magical Experience System for Trainers   Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:47 pm


In the world of Nerta, magic has existed for as long as people have. All trainers are somewhat “basically” skilled in magic, able to access the first barrier spell and one elemental spell of their choice.

Magic is a key part of Nerta, and there are eight schools of magic that more magically-oriented trainers may pursue. These are:

The School of Abjuration - Defensive and Barrier Spells

The School of Kazemancy - Wind Spells

The School of Cryomancy - Frost Spells

The School of Pyromancy - Fire Spells

The School of Electromancy - Electricity Spells

The School of Hydromancy - Water Spells

The School of Geomancy - Earth Spells

The School of Invocation - Spells to broaden the mind and fulfill other daily uses.

The Usage of Magic and the Magical Experience System

In Natrelmon, trainers will be able to level up their Magic skill much like Natrelmon level up. This experience system is more based around interactions with a band of traveling Magicians that will rotate between cities every week.

In order to use Magic effectively, trainers must unlock the Schools of Magic by talking to the Magicians and doing favour(s) for them. This will induct you into that School of Magic, and you will be able to level it up.

The amount of Schools you may have active at any one time is three.

In order to level Magic up, you must roleplay practicing the spells and will gain experience at a rate of: [Characters Typed/Current Level of Magic in Active School], or, gain experience from the Dragon-Type ability Draconic Knowledge. One should note that they are expected to gain one rank in magic for every ten levels their Natrelmon possesses, so, obtaining a Dragon is crucial for aspiring mages to level quickly.

L0 - 0
Rank I - 100 [100 characters typed]
Rank II - 550 [1200 characters typed]
Rank III - 1500 [5700 characters typed]
Rank IV - 8000 [37,700 characters typed]
Rank V- 35,000 [212,700 characters typed]
Rank VI - 90,000 [752,700 characters typed]
Rank VII - 160,000 [1,872,700 characters typed]
Rank VIII - 310,000 [4,352,700 characters typed]
Rank IX - 600,000 [9,752,700 characters typed]
Rank X - 1,000,000 [19,752,700 characters typed]
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Magical Experience System for Trainers
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