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 The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)

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PostSubject: The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:33 pm

It would be late in the day, a rather dreary, humid stickiness to the air, an overcast and dark sky obscuring the sunset to a shade of putrid orange, the gray clouds against they sky producing a vibrant contrast; the occasional azure flash of lighting striking across in a quick, silent bolt. The streets would be largely uninhabited this hour, many trainers heading off to their temporary residences in Toran.

The breaking of glass sounded a loud, piercing alarm in the southern end of town, drawing the immediate attention of the immediate populous; amidst the buildings, a caped, masked figure could be seen striding out from a building directly towards the fire escape, making his way towards the roof, about five stories above the ground of a six-story building. Clearly, this building, with flashing lights amidst the floors, was the center of this commotion.

With moving to the roof, it would seem for a moment that he was cornering himself...
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)   Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:03 am

Night had been strolling by leirsurely thinking of how he would be able to challenge his father and win when a large racket sounded of right next to him. Startled, Night jumped away from the building thinking it was on fire or something. But the only thing he saw was a man climbing up the fire escape to the roof while alarms went off everywhere... Normally a man climbing to the roof of a building isn't such a big deal but with the flashing lights everywhere Night though he was a robber who was about to commit suicide or something.

The youth looked to both sides for law enforcement... Seeing none he turned back to the building and yelled up at the caped figure. " DON'T JUMP, DUDE! " If the masked figure didn't respond Night would begin to walk towards the building. Why? Well, he didn't exactly have anything else planned for the day.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)   Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:18 pm

Samuel had arrived in the town of Toran several hours before and had spent his time familiarizing himself with the area. His Weddelbek and Volcanon greatly enjoyed the new town and looked forward to the challenge of the first Arena. Presently, Samuel was walking around the southern edge of the main part of Toran, worriedly glancing up at the darkened sky. The heavens were in turmoil, lightning illuminating the ghastly gray clouds. Sujii had always grown worrisome when storms such as these loomed on the horizon. Samuel's old master had considered occurrences such as these as omens of things to come.

And, ad if on cue, Samuel heard the faint shattering of glass and the muted sound of an alarm. The large man and his Weddelbek, the Natrelmon he had out, began sprinting back towards the city and the commotion. Only a few blocks in, the pair saw a small crowd forming in front of a tall building. A smaller man who Samuel recognized as Night stepped forward and shouted something towards the roof. The martial artist looked up and realized that a caped man was scaling the fire escape. Curious, Samuel motioned to his Weddelbek and they joined the growing throng of people.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)   Tue Nov 16, 2010 9:26 pm

Toran was very lackluster compared to the natural beauty of Sakura. It was not an environment Key was terribly fond of, so he had hoped he would be able to escape the city with little trouble. Just get his badge and leave. However, the commotion from one of the buildings was drawing a decent sized crowds. Naturally, it drew Key as well, as ignoring such a commotion could prove foolish.

Sighing, he removed himself from his seat at a nearby cafe, which had a nice little outdoor patio for the patrons. There really wasn't a rush to get a good 'seat' for whatever was going on since it was on a relatively tall building in comparison to the rest of Toran. Thus, Key took his time getting there, arriving basically behind two other trainers he vaguely remembered from Sakura. He had no idea their names and had no intention of finding out, it was quite irrelevant to the grand scheme of things. He partially wished Song Lin Tiao was here, as the girl could prove quite valuable - she seemed to know everything that was going on and the reason. This, however, seemed a bit unusual. Song Lin, of course, would be able to let him know why it was going on, just probably not the who. At least, that is what he suspected with her families power and influence in the world. If you wanted to know something in Nerta, they were one of the best people to ask.

Plus, the girl was a tactical prodigy.
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PostSubject: Re: The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)   

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The Dawn of Darkness (Plot)
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