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 Sven Relito

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PostSubject: Sven Relito   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:17 pm

Name: Sven Relito
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearance: Height: 5'11, Weight: 175lbs, Eye Color: Gray, Etc: 69. Sven has a dark demeanor to his appearance. A gray hood attached to a similar jacket covers his mop of sandy-blonde hair, and shadows most of his facial expressions. He normally wears a set of blue shorts, though in winter, he garbs himself in a pair of while pants.

He has a backpack in which he carries all his things. It is brown. It has lots of pockets.
Hometown: Ward

Personality: He’s gloomy and isn’t shy when dealing himself self-pity. He tends to withdraw from large crowds of people and only trusts a handful with his feelings and opinions.

He also has a deep admiration of Pandas.

Relic Description Sven’s first relic was a worn necklace, which had a cyan gemstone in the middle. It contained his first Natrelmon, Kaigara. He uses a multitude of different relics, most being rings and bracers and such.

Starting Natrelmon: A female Kaigara, named Turtatresta. They met while Sven still lived with his parents.
History: Sven grew up in the rural city of Ward. His father was an esteemed miner, and his mother worked at a local Natrelmon medical center. Naturally, this pair conflicted on what Sven would grow up to be. His father was adamant on Sven’s following in his footsteps, and becoming a miner. He often took Sven with him into the mountains, attempting to warm him up to the idea.

His mother, however, was much more lenient on what he was to become, so long as Sven wanted that profession. When Sven grew more distant from mining and was introduced to Natrelmon, his mother stood up for him when his father protested. They had many an argument over his future and just what he’d be doing during it.

It wasn’t until Sven was fifteen when his parents had their worst fight to date. There were shrill screams and thrown objects, though no fatality occurred. All the while, Sven cried in his room as he packed his things. Money he had stolen from his dad, two pairs of clothes, his Kaigara’s relic, a picture of his family in their happier moments, and other miscellaneous items.

And so he tore away into the night, leaving his traumatic childhood in the dust. From there forth, he became quite the drifter, living off of hospitality and what money he could earn doing various odd jobs. As a traveler, he grew very close to nature. He can identify many species of plants, is adept in surviving the wilderness, and is very peaceful when in serene environments.

Now he seeks to become more involved in training and battling Natrelmon. The end.

Professions: Tracking, Breeding
Noteworthy Skills: Good at nature stuff. Your regular boy scout.
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Sven Relito
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