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 Saibrah Themis

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PostSubject: Saibrah Themis   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:09 pm

Name: Saibrah Themis
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Some say an appearance can tell a lot about a person, and Saibrah is often known to look how he acts. His build is that of a thirteen year-old, for he’s 5’3 and 135lbs. Unkempt, raven hair often covers his ears and lays over his eyes, forcing him to brush it around every once and awhile. His skin is fair and unblemished, despite his age.

Saibrah’s apparel consists of a torn, white undershirt, covered by a zipper-less jacket with so many pockets numerous people stop on the streets to ask him what he needs them for. It, of course, is raven colored, to match his hair. And no matter the season, Saibrah carries a few different pairs of silk slacks that vary in color.
Hometown: Lvlser

Personality: Saibrah is often known as a prankster, which he is. He constantly fools and toys around with others, repelling most people from him. However, this flaw has an advantage: though his constant pranks, he’s become very clever and witty, not to mention light on his feet.

Though, in the deep crevices of his mind, Saibrah is lonely, and detests his natural personality. He longs for friendship, and would do anything to feel like he belongs. Unfortunately, a prankster usually isn’t tolerable, and is pushed away from the crowd. Saibrah has secretly resented himself since childhood.

Relic Description: Saibrah possesses a small jewel that was used from Zukamee generations’ past. It uses a strongly bonded magic to morph into a six inch tall, white and lavender marble statue of the Natrelmon about to be released. The small, red crystal, outlined with silver, is usually tucked away in Saibrah’s pocket. He treasures it with his life, for it has significant family value.

This eliminates the need to constantly buy relics. However, to capture a Natrelmon, Saibrah must charge the jewel with the magic of a relic, thus having to pay the same as he would with individual relic.

Bonding Command: From Soul to Stone, become one with the others.
Releasing Command: Return to battle from your inanimate rest, (name)

Starting Natrelmon: Volcan

History: Saibrah was born into wealth, and thus, born into parental captivity. He was sheltered, restricted from any contact unsupervised. As you can guess, his actually personality crawled into a shell, and he became attention starved. Acting out, he morphed from a quiet, shrewd boy into a loud, cocky prankster. Saibrah’s parents only heightened their restrictions, fearing for the worst.

Saibrah finally mustered enough gusto (not to mention money and supplies) to run from home. He fled to Echo, where his widowed aunt lived. She took him in without hesitation, and made sure to keep the secret. His aunt allowed him access to the outdoors, and he soon found a love of gems and rocks. His spastic nature was softened, but not disposed of.

All was well until, after returning from a local creek bed to study the rocks that formed around the Echo region, he returned to his aunt’s house only to find burnt ruins and foundation. No body or items were there to be recovered. It was after this event that Saibrah sank into a deep depression for quite a time, and it was after this event that he decided to become a trainer.

With nothing but his Volcan that he found on one of his many research trips, and a backpack filled with supplies that he squandered what little money he could recover from the house, he set off, attempting to distract himself from his aunt’s supposed death by becoming a trainer.

And now he’s a trainer, and he’s doing pretty well at it. The end.
Professions: Mining, Herbalist (or whatever)
Noteworthy Skills: Shrewd, light on his feet, good knowledge of rocks and gems, good knowledge of herbs and cookery.
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PostSubject: Re: Saibrah Themis   Sat Oct 30, 2010 5:42 pm

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Saibrah Themis
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