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 Itsuki Mayoi

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PostSubject: Itsuki Mayoi   Mon May 31, 2010 9:16 am

Name: Itsuki Mayoi
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Itsuki isn't particularly tall at 5"7 but he certainly makes quite the impression when you first meet him - His facial structure is very soft and slightly tanned, which contrasts against his algae-green eyes. His hair is of medium-length and spiked to fall across his forehead at the front, while being left normally at the back. Itsuki’s hair is a sandy-beach blonde colour at the roots and most of the hair but his tips are dyed purple. He has a fuchsia-coloured tattoo of the Japanese kanji for ‘infatuation’ beneath his left eye and he is notorious for always wearing thick headphones - mostly around his neck. Itsuki is very lean and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him due to the fact he watches what he eats and practices pilates regularly and has what is often remarked to be a fantastic figure. Itsuki’s legs are relatively muscly in the calf area, though, and he is quite a fast runner.

Hometown: Sakura

Personality: The first thing a stranger meeting Itsuki will ascertain is that he is flamboyantly homosexual (something he is never ashamed to admit), and will not hesitate to hit on anything that’s attractive, male and moves, regardless of their reaction or how hard they try to resist. Itsuki has a tendency to be hyperactive and bouncy most of the time, preferring to seem energetic and happy to anyone who meets him, although he has a tendency to be extremely calm and collected around the people he has crushes on (after he hits on them first, of course). Itsuki is a very likable and fun person generally but can come off too strongly as some people note and this often spoils first impressions, but few can bring themselves to dislike him.

Itsuki knows how good he looks, and uses this to his advantage when dealing with people generally, (especially his multitude of male crushes) and it forms a big part of how people see him - he flaunts his looks to get whatever he wants, whenever he wants (Or he tries to, it should be noted that Itsuki rarely gets what he wants (pointless trysts) due to the fact most of the guys he hits on are heterosexual). This also results in him being incredibly vain - But not to an extent that he is obsessed with himself.

However, despite his vain and sometimes invasive attitude, it is almost impossible to actually dislike Itsuki. There is nothing deceptive or malevolent about Itsuki, he is rarely melancholy, and he is strangely easy to befriend. All of these things make Itsuki very charismatic, as well as his natural manner. However, those that manage to dislike Itsuki tend to absolutely hate him.

Relic Description: Itsuki’s Relic is an old-looking tome covered in dust with around 50 pages. Each page is a yellowed piece of parchment that can contain a single Natrelmon, and the Natrelmon contained by the page is shown as a full-page watercolour drawing with an incantation in the bottom left corner that releases or recalls the Natrelmon.

Starting Natrelmon: Sakura

History: Itsuki was born into a very wealthy family in Sakura - His family owning a manor and a large area of grounds in and just outside the city. Itsuki was a bright student, hard worker and most of all individualist in his early life - always seeking to be individual was Itsuki’s primary hobby and with his family’s money it was quite the easy task. Nothing was beyond Itsuki - he even roamed around the manor in nothing but gold chiffon and silver sequins, once.

Itsuki’s first experience with a Natrelmon came when he was looking through the woods to find some of the prettiest cherry petals for a new clothing idea that came into his head and he came across a little Sakura - Having never seen a Natrelmon before Itsuki eagerly tried to make friends with the Sakura in hopes he could play with her, but she got scared and ran off into the woods. Itsuki was not disheartened, however, as he decided to come back and find the Sakura the next day in order to try and make friends again.

As was befitting the somewhat disillusioned Itsuki he couldn’t find the little Sakura and was quite upset - but never disheartened as he searched through the woods all day. He eventually found the Sakura (he knew it was the same one - purely by gut instinct) and walked up to it again, still wanting to make friends with it. It didn’t run away this time, though, and Itsuki (hoping Natrelmon could understand speech) asked if it wanted to play. Sakura didn’t understand but regardless Itsuki and her played for a while and Itsuki felt like the two had a bond as the Sakura was with him of her own free will.

A few days of this and Itsuki was content, finding his little Sakura each day and playing with her from dusk till dawn (depending on when he found her) and it wasn’t long before Sakura simply stayed with Itsuki regardless of time or place; the two had a definite bond that transcended trainer and pet - they were friends. Itsuki, being the socialite he was, resumed talking to people and now accompanied by Sakura he seemed to be even more popular than before. Many people suggested he become a trainer with Sakura for his Natrelmon and Sakura agreed, and so Itsuki became a trainer.

Itsuki’s parents approved of their son becoming a trainer (hoping he could spread business across Nerta, though they knew he would likely be too infatuated with anything that was cute to remember) and paid for him to get to Lifan, where he registered and got Sakura bound to a Relic. He never keeps Sakura in the relic, however, she is almost always seen on his shoulder or by his side - Only placing his friend in the relic when absolutely necessary.

Professions: Herbalism and Jewelcrafting

Noteworthy Skills: Itsuki is a good judge of character - He can often tell how a person will react and whether they’re good or evil at heart, though it never stops him from hitting on people.
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Itsuki Mayoi
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