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 The Heat Arena

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PostSubject: The Heat Arena   Tue May 18, 2010 9:46 am

Arena Name: The Toran Heat Arena

Arena Leader: "Flare"

Arena Lieutenant: N/A

Reward: N2,000 and a Torch Spell

Badge: Flare Badge.

Badge Description: The Flare Badge is a sun-shaped disc, with flame spirals and waves running through it. Each sun-spike is tipped with black.

Arena Type: Fire

Arena Natrelmon:

- Emleaf – Level 8
- Ocalia – Level 9
- Atrix – Level 10
- Volcanon – Level 12

Arena Description: The Toran Gym's Flare Arena is the most plain arena of them all since it's one of the first. The entrance to the Gym is the first thing one notices about that it is a fire Natrelmon based gym, the handles to open the double glass doors are two torches of course they are not real torches. When you open this door, you will see the entire Arena, it's in the shape of a large circle, a total of about 60 feet from on end to the other.

On the Arena field tons of rocks, stones, large and small coming in different sizes, the ground is fit for planting though, under the tough rocks and dirt there is a 2 feet of rich soil that Flare placed to make the arena look more natural. Because of this there are patches of grass near the center of the Arena that is 10 feet long. Both the Arena Master and the challenger are allowed to run through the field to get a better view of the battle, to check something or because they do not feel like standing on one spot. However, if you climb up to the other side of the Arena, there is a cliff-like formation off the wall on either side for both trainers to have a aerial view of the battle but with the heat, it makes it harder to bare up there.

Special Features: Once the doors close, they will be sealed tightly shut. This is because there are heaters located on the bottom of the floors and walls scattered around the Arena that make the room pretty hot at 97 degrees. The higher you go for example a flying type Natrelmon the harder for them is to think, same goes for the trainer who goes up the cliff.

Special Rules: None.
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The Heat Arena
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