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 The Ocean Arena

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PostSubject: The Ocean Arena   Sun May 16, 2010 8:33 pm

Arena Name: AANC (Atrew Aquatic Natrelmon Corporation)

Arena Leader: Amery Wright

Arena Lieutenant: Nerissa Hazen

Reward: 12,000 N, Gills

Badge: The Torrent Badge

Badge Description: A filigree-heavy coin, about five inches in diameter, tinted a light blue in color. A single sapphire at the center seems to glow when held up to the light.

Arena Type: Water

Arena Natrelmon:

- Kaeruki – Level 32
- Kelqua – Level 35
- Healion – Level 35
- Sea Tyrant – Level 37

Arena Description: From the outside. the AANC can be described as a square, two story building with a large dome at the center of it. It is positioned on the water, most likely held up by some form of supports, connected to the island by a bridge of the same white stone that the building is made of. The bridge is lined with lights similar to street lamps and benches and, at night, is known for its excellent view of the glowing Zeruo.

Entering from the front, there is a foyer with a smoothly tiled floor, several hallways branching off, and a semicircular desk set at the far wall. A large circular fountain at the center of the room features statues of several species of Natrelmon, above which rises a regal-looking Sea Tyrant. All but two of the hallways here have thick red lines across the floor at their starts. One of the remaining two has a blue mark, and the other a yellow one.

The blue-marked hallway leads to the room underneath the dome. This is where the battles take place. A huge circular pool some one-hundred thirty feet in diameter dominated the room. Daylight streams in through the dome to light the room, and stadium lights are fixed on the walls for the night. The pool is an extension of the ocean, and fresh water can be vented in to accommodate water Natrelmon that can't abide the salt. A wide pathway of concrete surrounds the water, almost impossible to slip on, and around that are stands for any spectators around.

The yellow-marked hallway leads to a lounge-type area. It has practically every conceivable comfort, most prominent among them two hot tubs set at the floor. It is a place where trainers can relax, celebrating a victory or coming to terms with a loss.

Special Rules: Do not stray to the clearly labeled employee-only areas. Trainers doing so will be considered trespassing and will be dealt with accordingly.

Do not willfully damage the building. Any damages done during the course of the battle determined to be intentional will be billed to the trainer. That being said, unintentional damages will be forgiven and are probably covered by the Arena's insurance.
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The Ocean Arena
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