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 Samuel Smith

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PostSubject: Samuel Smith   Sun May 16, 2010 7:22 pm

Name: Samuel Smith
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Appearance: Sam is a staggering 6’ 7’’ with a body that has seen a decade and a half of pure muscle toning. He keeps his hair cropped close to his head, but if it were allowed to grow, it would be a light shade of brown. His skin is tanned to almost a leathery state due to his propensity to be outside most of the time. His normal attire is just a simple, sand-colored tunic.

Hometown: Sam was born to a single mother in the town of Relin, but when she died when he was four, he was taken in by an old hermit who lived in a small hut about ten miles east from the outskirts of the snowy town.

Personality: Despite his monstrous build, Sam is not a violent person. He is what most people call a gentle giant. However, he is extremely protective of those he grows close to, and will defend them with all of his massive strength. Other than that, he generally stays away from any aggressive action. He is quick to make friends with other people once they get over his outside appearance.

Relic Description: Sam’s starting Relic is a thin armband that he wears just below his sleeve-line.
Starting Natrelmon: Volcan

History: As stated before, Samuel was born in Relin to a single mother who was, unfortunately, very sickly. She tried to care for him as best she could, but she eventually fell victim to the many diseases that plagued her and she passed away. However, Sam had grown the attention of a martial artist named Sujii who lived by himself on the outskirts of Relin. When his mother died, Sujii was there to take the toddler in as his own.

For two full decades, Sam lived with Sujii and his Natrelmon, training in the year-round freezing temperatures. It was due to this, combined with his own natural size, that Sam became as muscular as he did. It was also during this time that he grew to love Natrelmon. While he was forbidden by Sujii’s rules to own one himself, he grew to adore both Fighting and Earth types.

Then, on Sam’s eighteenth birthday, Sujii declared his pupil to be a master of the martial arts that had been taught him and was ready to take up a Natrelmon of his own. However, Sujii soon fell ill, and Sam’s vision of travelling with Natrelmon was interrupted by the crisis. He tended for Sujii for a year and a half before the old man finally died. With no soul to be bound to, Sujii’s aged Natrelmon created final tomb for him and left their deceased master and brokenhearted pupil to themselves.

Sam spent the next six months in silence and meditation, only getting up from his position twice a day to relieve himself, eat, and push himself as far as his muscles could handle. At the end of this sixth month period, Sam applied for a starting Natrelmon and a PDA. He used his new Volcan to burn down the house of his beloved mentor, leaving nothing but ashes.

Professions: Tracking; Herbalism
Noteworthy Skills: Needless to say, Sam is pretty damn strong.
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PostSubject: Re: Samuel Smith   Sun May 16, 2010 7:41 pm


Now do things.
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Samuel Smith
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