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 Tashiro Yagami

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PostSubject: Tashiro Yagami   Tue May 11, 2010 8:58 pm

Name:Tashiro Yagami

Appearance:Tashiro has bushy spiky black hair that is naturally like that so he doesn't have to worry about doing his hair in the morning. His skin is white though not pale white as he had when he was small, but it's still kind of white at least in a healthier sense. What Tashiro wears is a simple white long sleeved shirt, the sleeves reach about a bit beyond the wrist, for pants he wears dark blue jeans comfortable enough to travel around the world in. His sneakers were white with black designs on it, dark laces, and very awesome to look at if I might add. Tashiro, even though he looks like he's sick, his body could show the very opposite since he could handle himself in a fight with ease, well at least if another trainer decides to steal his stuff.


Personality:Tashiro is a really straightforward guy, he usually says what's on his mind within reason of course. If he meets a woman he thinks is very loud, ugly, and stupid he wouldn't say it if he knew she could physical harm him, or make his life a living hell, Tashiro doesn't hit women. He's almost very analytical in his situations so he tends to speak in very odd patterns because he speaks what his brain "tells him", which comes out as a big sentence of "what the f---?". This doesn't mean that Tashiro is a boring person, to people he finds very interesting he may befriend them, and even act like a friend even though his face always seem apathetic at most times.

Relic Description:A silver pentagram shape cross that hangs off his wrist a tad, it shines and releases a bright light when it releases or returns it's Natrelmon.

Starting Natrelmon:Olena

History: Tashiro was born into a family that was pretty normal to live in, he didn't see anything wrong with it since he grew up in a loving environment. The reason that Tashiro is the way he is because he tends to get bored very quickly even as a child he needed something to entertain him. So, his father got him something to occupy his mind, puzzles and mystery books that kept his somewhat busy if it wasn't too easy. As he got older he started to do more things in his school, at 10 he started to write his own book in the theory of life something he said he couldn't figure out, so that's his life quest for now to this day he didn't finish.

Now that he figured out what he wanted to do, he got bored of school too since it didn't have interesting people they all made fun at him. Most of them rejected Tashiro because he was too smart and made them all feel stupid, others just didn't like him. Because of these people Tashiro wasn't a very popular kid in school, and had a few or no friends in his class until the day he turned 12 years old in the Winter of 2004. When Tashiro was outside in recess he was alone sitting on the stoop of the entrance of the school, it was snowing and no one wanted to play with him, many threw snowballs and pocked fun at him as well as knocked Tashiro on the floor. Then a little hand gave out their hand, it was a pick mitten, when he looked up it was a blonde little girl with bright ocean blue eyes, her name? Hmmm he never found out she never told him, she just called herself "Scarlett".

The two of them became great friends sharing many ideas about their likes how they wanted to be trainers, and even played with each other, "Scarlett" didn't understand why people didn't like Tashiro since he was the most kind person she ever met. However, things had to end when she told Tashiro she had to move away to the other side of Nerta much to Tashiro's disappointment. She did give him a hexagonal silver cross to remember her by, and she promised they will see each other once again when they got older, Tashiro nodded his head happily, that was the last time he ever saw her until he saw someone personally killing Scarlett as he went up to her room. Tashiro learned she was wanted by a criminal for some reason, the motive was never known or the guy who killed her and never known by Tashiro was spared.

Tashiro felt the emotion of anger, sadness, and he wanted revenge, as he got older his anger turned into strength, his sorrow turned into will, and he promised himself to use his intellect to find the man who killed her as well as live the dream she had of being a trainer. Two years later while walking in the forest, Tashiro found something interesting as he went to his spot, the spot himself and "Scarlett" went to play after school. He found a Olena just floating around the spot, the silver cross glowed for some reason, it was a relic that captured him, ever since the two had a bond of being friends, Olena though was a crazy yet silly Natrelmon.


Noteworthy Skills: Clever, analytical
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Tashiro Yagami
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