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 Ivlser University

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PostSubject: Ivlser University   Sun May 09, 2010 5:49 am

Arena Name: Science Department 0017, nicknamed The Slaughtering Room

Arena Leader: Gora Talus

Arena Lieutenant: Julius Taesor

Reward: N10,000 and the Metallurgy Spell

Badge: The Scientist Badge

Badge Description: A diamond-shaped post made of stainless steel which is as reflective as a mirror. A small, purple stone marks the center of the badge.

Arena Type: Steel

Arena Natrelmon:

- Banguard– Level 28
- Banguard – Level 28
- Armic – Level 29
- Nakinid – Level 30

Arena Description: The Ivlser gym arena is the epitomy of simple. A square, thirty feet by thirty feet, marks the arena, which is also thirty feet tall to the flat, well-lit roof, the lights protected by several inches of plastic. The wall next to the challenger is painted green; next to the gym leader, red. Halfway up on each of the remaining white walls is an observation window for spectators to watch, at the center of each wall, ten feet acrossed and five feet high, a small red light above each window, responding to a pressure sensor.

The floor is made of corrugated steel on the surface to promote friction; below that, is three feet of solid and manipulateable steel. A single vent exists on the floor near the door of each side: a simple steel door that seals shut when the battle begins, restricting airflow to those two vents.

Special Features: A dispenser for filters for the trainers to use are available outside of the door, to allow easier breathing when poison is in play. Not taking one is considered stupid.

Special Rules: Aiming for the windows results in disqualification.

Opening either door results in disqualification.

Recalling a Natrelmon in any circumstance is considered a faint.
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Ivlser University
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