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 "Kree," Thatcher

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PostSubject: "Kree," Thatcher   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:24 am

Name: Kreioyus “Kree,” Thatcher
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kree is of average build, roughly five foot, nine inches tall, but often stands stooped, staring into his camera, fiddling with the settings or just looking at his feet. He is slender, however, slightly muscled, for no apparent reason other than the basic goings on of his day.

Kree’s skin is rather pale, almost ghostlike; Kree suffers from the medical condition known as Anaemia, a low red blood cell count, not allowing enough oxygen to reach the skin cells, the cause for his paleness. As such, he is also rather weak, lacking much body strength at all. So, his apparent muscles don’t really do much at all.

Kree has dark blue, eyes most mistaking them for brown or black even. However, if one does get the chance to stare into his eyes long enough, they will notice the distinct blue tint in them. With short, shaved black hair, that has grown out a bit. Kree wears loose black pants that are both comfortable, and can stand up to the extremes of Nerta. For shirts he wears a multitude of black and white shirts, with no logos or brands on them.

Hometown: Toran

Personality: Kree is a rather quiet person, hardworking always, not taking the shot unless perfect. That being said, Kree is obviously a perfectionist, people who know him well think he has a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder, (which although he is unaware of, he does.) This leads to him work even harder to achieve things, not giving up even beyond hope, it’s a rather foolhardy attribute but something he can’t change about himself.

Kree is what most would call odd, being a whizz at math, he is often found muttering equations under his breath, making it appear that he is talking to himself. People tend to stay away from him as he also has quite a cold stare not understanding that it makes some uncomfortable.

Relic Description Kree’s relics consist of a set of photographs, usually in black and white or occasionally, depending on how powerful or lively the Natrelmon is, in colour. It has a heavy, thickset white border. His Polaroid camera is the “relic port,” so to speak, buying the film paper for the camera, which are actually relics.

Starting Natrelmon: Boru

History: Kree grew up in a modest home in Toran, with two other siblings, an older brother and even elder sister. Kree’s father worked for a small relic company which closed down when Kree turned fifteen, however Kree’s mother had come into some money (an inheritance after Kree’s grandfatherhad passed on) which allowed them to live comfortably.

Kree had been rather close with his Grandfather, the man living just down the road from the small family, Kree would often go on and visit him. He would sit around his grandfather and listen to stories of when his Grandfather used to be a great Natrelmon trainer. In truth he had been merely a fisherman at Armkfish but had still travelled the world with Natrelmon on the ship.

During his childhood Kree had a small fascination with Natrelmon, photographing them during battles or doing moves. His older sister taking a university course in Natrelmon sciences, she brought many home with her, be them for assignments or for caretaking. This allowed Kree to study them and to take photos of them.

As he grew older, Kree grew more and more attached to Natrelmon and photographing them, enjoying both arts. So, when the company his father worked for closed down and the resident Boru had nowhere to go, Kree offered to adopt and look after the small creature.

After another year, Kree decided it was his dream to travel the world, collect and photograph Natrelmon. Defeating Arena leaders didn’t particularly worry but if the challenge was there, he thought he would take it.

Eventually, Kree managed to convince his parents to allow him to make this trip, after another year of procrastinating an event spurred him on to make the descision to finally get out there and start. This event was the death of his grandfather, he passed away quietly in his sleep and the family each dealt with the grief differently, his parents dealt with it the best, seemingly getting over it rather quickly. As did Kree’s brothers and sisters, or that’s what it seemed to be.


Noteworthy Skills: Kree is a proficient photographer, taking up the art in his younger years (even younger than he is now.) Owning both a Polaroid Camera and a single-lens-reflex camera, since he does not have time to develop the photos taken with the SLR he would usually visit a small photography shop if one is available. Kree is rather skilled at maths with a great memory.
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PostSubject: Re: "Kree," Thatcher   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:30 am

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"Kree," Thatcher
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