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 Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules

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Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules Empty
PostSubject: Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules   Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 27, 2010 9:31 am

+Finding Wild Natrelmon!  Five Easy Steps!+

#1) Roll the percentage dice four times!

#2) Check what the first roll is for the rarity of the Natrelmon, as defined below!

1-55 Common/Semi-Uncommon
56-90 Uncommon/Semi-Rare
91-99 Rare
100 Very Rare

#3) Check the second roll, and match it with the area you are in and the rarity you rolled!  This is what Natrelmon you got!

#4) Check the third roll for level of the wild Natrelmon!  Find the level of your highest-leveled Natrelmon and simply add the tens digit and subtract the ones digit!

#5) Check the fourth roll for gender of the Natrelmon!  1-50 is female, while 51-100 is male!

+Capturing Wild Natrelmon!  Five Easy Steps!+

#1) Check what Relic you are using and get the basic capture percentage (BCP) below!

Relic F: 70%
Relic E: 80%
Relic D: 90%
Relic C: 100%
Relic B: 110%
Relic A: 120%

#2) Check the first roll again and see what rarity it is!  
Common: 0%
Semi-Uncommon: 5%
Uncommon: 10%
Semi-Rare: 15%
Rare: 20%
Very Rare: 25%
Legendary: 30%

#3) Check your third roll again and see what level the wild is!  Then plug the level and the % of health the wild has left into the equation below!  

2 x (LEVEL) x (% of current health expressed as a number between 0 and 1)

#4) Subtract the values you got from #2 and #3 from your BCP!  This is now your Final Capture Percentage (FCP)!

#5) Roll another die in-character to represent using a Relic!  If this value is equal to or less than your FCP, congratulations!  If not, try again, or weaken the wild Natrelmon more to increase your chances!  

+Commonly Asked Questions!+

Q: What do I have to do to find a wild?
A: Absolutely nothing!  Just create a thread in the area you want to search in and roll!

Q: How often can I search for a wild?
A: Three times a week!  This time period resets at 12.00AM GMT on Saturday!  

Q: I missed a wild last week.  Can I go back and do it?
A: Sorry!  Unless you let the Creators or Wild Moderators know ahead of time, you can’t redo last week’s wilds!

Q: I didn’t get anything I wanted… Can I reroll?
A: Yes, actually!  However, to do this, your initial search (the post you make before you roll) must be at least 15 lines long!  You second search must be double this!  Any subsequent rerolls will double the last… so watch out!

Q: I’ve rolled three times already and wrote 15 lines for each.  Can I reroll for all three times?
A: No, sorry!  You can only reroll on the very last search you’ve done!
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Universal Natrelmon Encounter Rules
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