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 Ward Arena Description

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PostSubject: Ward Arena Description   Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:33 pm

+ Ward +
Leader: Ankio Sukei
Rewards: Pebble Badge, 4000N, Terra

Leader Appearance: Ankio is a stern old man that can be found meditating in his cave-like Gym. He often is overenthusiastic about battling and uses blunt, straight-out attacks to defend his Natrelmon. His white and gold robe attire makes him look much like a rich sage, but he is a man of simplicity. He loves to see talented new trainers, and isn't a stickler when it comes to compliments.

-) Kaiguard: Level 18
-) Grainos: Level 17
-) Wune: Level 17
-) Rhyferno: Level 16

Gym Rules:
1. You may not attack at the ceiling.
2. Ankio's Marble Stage may not be approached, or attacked.
3. Torches that light the Arena may NOT be extinguished, under any circumstances.
4. Ankio reserves the right to end an Arena Battle when he deems fit.
5. Once you've entered the Gym, you may not leave until you win, or lose.

Gym Description:

The outside of the Arena is deceiving. A stone cube, no more than 10x10 feet, connected to a cliff face. When approaching the doors, all you see are two walls of earth. They open without any physical movement from the challenger. After entering, the door immediately seals shut. Torches line the walls. They light, giving what light they can.

After you exit the hallway, you're deposited into a large, flat cave. Torches also line the perimeter of the Arena, with on in the middle. They all light, giving a large amount of light to the battlefield. Stalagmites dot the floor, and stalactites do the same to the ceiling. Circular pools of water and sand are scattered around the floor, as well.

The sand pits are connected underground. Each of them, linked, originating from a large pool underground. That's to say that if a Wune jumped into one hole, it could appear in a completely different one. The same is correct with the pits of water.

At the end of the battlefield, stands a large, marble stage. This is where Ankio watches over his battles.
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Ward Arena Description
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