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 Kagikko Naoki

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PostSubject: Kagikko Naoki   Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:59 am

Name: Kagikko Naoki
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Unassuming to look at, Naoki stands an inch or two shorter than the norm for a boy his age, and shows no sign of getting taller. Small as he is, he nonetheless seems gangly; as if whatever god designed him grabbed the child he used to be at both ends and tugged until Naoki became what he is today.

His face is smooth and rounded like a boy’s, with dull green eyes that seem far away. Brown hair falls around it, touching his neck at the back, just below his ears at the side, and with bangs that fall just above his eyes.

The rest of Naoki’s body takes after his face. Scars run across his back, chest and along his arms, but time has turned them into faded pale things that only the keenest observer could tell apart from unblemished skin at a glance. A lusterless black jewel is embedded into his left side, just above his waist. Its flat, edgeless and melds seamlessly with his skin, seeming to have grown there naturally rather than been planted.

When it comes to clothes Naoki likes to dress in dark greens, browns and whites. He favors short-sleeved shirts and shorts in the warmer months, khakis and thicker jackets in winter.

Hometown: Unkown

Naoki is a creature of extremes, though he was not always.

You could call him reserved, but that would be a lie. He is deliberate. When he wants something done, Naoki will pull out all the stops to see it happen. He knows that his mind works this way, so he puts up a front; a cheerful, even charming front, and acting comes naturally to Naoki. But sometimes he’ll slip—forget to react to inconvenient pain, or miss an important cue and interpret a delicate situation incorrectly. Some see it as an endearing quirk, others as downright eerie.

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally something will push past Naoki’s regular tolerance. When something passes by the boy’s natural threshold, he breaks, and breaks hard. He doesn’t get angry, he gets livid. He doesn’t become frightened, but terrified. When this happens he doesn’t know how to handle the emotional rush, and it tears him apart.

Relic Description: Marbles. What else do you need?
Starting Natrelmon: Sakura


There isn’t much that Naoki remembers of his first home, if even those memories are real. What little he does recall is vague, strange; sitting in an old, bearded man’s lap as he smoked, a waterfall’s roar, a child’s scream, maybe his own, maybe not.

His parents were of wealthy stock , and they loved to travel. It was a tragedy. They were out during a fierce storm, and their wagon was caught in a mudslide while they were trying to cross the mountains. Their bodies were not present for the funeral.

Naoki was put in an orphanage within the town in what was told would be a temporary solution, but once he was there scarce few came to visit him. And, being very, very young, Naoki soon forgot that he ever had a family.

What he does remember is the orphanage, tucked in bed at seven sharp. Two dozen other children, boys and girls he loved like brothers and sisters; stories told by firelight and tiptoeing through empty hallways at night. He knew which streets were safe during the day, which claimed by gangs and that nowhere was really safe when the sun went down. It was scary, it was beautiful. It was home.

But time went on, and home or not Naoki began to feel restless, fed by stories of lands far away. Kenta, built around trees eight hundred feet high in a forest where nothing was small, Mist, on an island surrounded by crystal blue sea, Wind, a desert that stretched as far as the eye could see. The more he wondered, the more Naoki wanted out, until the desire was more than his small body could contain. So he went the only place where it is easy for children in Echo to go.

He went to Sakura. It was here that he acquired his own Sakura, and rose out of the depression that was his childhood. It was here that his adventure as a Natrelmon trainer began, and it was to Armkfish that he travelled, having the drive to compete in it’s tournament.

Professions: Herbalism
Noteworthy Skills:
Naoki is very straightforward to a task. This drive allows him a higher rate of productivity in specific skill sets compared to others.
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PostSubject: Re: Kagikko Naoki   Sun Apr 25, 2010 11:00 am

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Kagikko Naoki
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