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 Tomiko Kioku

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PostSubject: Tomiko Kioku   Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:21 pm

~ Tomiko Kioku ~

~ Party Natrelmon ~

1) Elwis - Female - 12 - 1340 (Medium)
2) Sparwire - Male - 5 - 210 (Fast)
3) Armic - Female - 10 - 1200 (Slow)
4) Reacat - Male - 10 - 965 (Medium)

~ Boxed Natrelmon ~

1) Ekibu - Male - 2 - 60 (Fast)
2) Kaigara - Male - 5 - 305 (Medium)
3) Centice - Female - 7 - 377.5 (Fast)
4) Swalest - 12 - Female - 1000 (Fast)

Money: 2000 N

-F Relic x15
-Wildfire Blossom x4
-Redroot x3

-Starter Natrelmon has gained five levels because it starts at level 5!
-Kaigara gains +305 Exp, Centice gains +227.5 Exp

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Posts : 142
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PostSubject: Record and Trading Contract   Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:13 pm

Trading agreement between Sven, and Tomiko, over the ownership of 'Metosune'

Both signatories agree to abide by their end of the contract as stated below:
#1 - The trade is final, if someone changes their mind they will have to re-negotiate a trade, there will be no refunds, or anything of that nature.
#2 - Tomiko Kioku reserves exclusive breeding rights on the Metosune, and 25% to 75% of offspring to be produced, as negotiated on a per case basis. This also includes the right to make a breeding request of the owner at any time, should this inconvenience the owner they may negotiate terms of when the Metosune will be available, but cannot refuse, instead a compromise must be reached that is agreeable to both parties if needed arbitrated by a neutral third party. Tomiko Kioku reserves the right to decide which Natrelmon the Metsune does, and does not breed with.
#3 - The purchaser of this Natrelmon will hereby guarantee not to expose it to any unneeded danger, and should serious harm befall it, death for example, they will pay a fine of N20,000 or a Natrelmon agreed to have similar value by the two parties. Furthermore, should they use the Metosune in battle, the owner will also be obligated to do everything within their power to prevent permanent harm from coming to the Metosune including the forfeit of a match, or potentially the loss of another Natrelmon.
#4 - All future owners of this Natrelmon (if any) must abide by this contract unless void by both the original signatories.


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Tomiko Kioku
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