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 Kimlee Odayaka

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PostSubject: Kimlee Odayaka   Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:46 pm

Name: Kimlee Odayaka
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kimlee is about average height for a girl her age, leaning probably a bit on the short side. Facially, she looks very similar to Eien, just with a few more feminine features than her brother. A more noticeable difference is Kimlee's grey-blue eyes, which appear like iced over steel. Her hair, usually kept in some form of a ponytail, is a much lighter brown than Eien's and when unbound it falls just past her shoulders. Kimlee's clothing is always fairly trendy, but has gotten more of a practical edge as she was about to leave home with her Sparwire.
Hometown: Relin
Personality: Kimlee's personality is drastically different from Eien. In school, Kimlee was incredibly outgoing and incredibly social. Very adaptable to most situations with friends, she stayed on the good side of most people. It was something she was very good at doing, with her personality. The only problem she has, like Eien, is situations where there is a lot of yelling.
Relic Description: Kimlee's relic hasn't been decided.
Starting Natrelmon: Sparwire
History: Kimlee Odayaka was born a fraternal twin in Relin 17 years ago, the younger of the two by a small margin. Most of the early years were uneventful and consisted of mostly forgotten adventures with her twin brother Eien. Occasionally, those adventures rush back as memories to Eien, but they lay, for the most part, in the dust. Time passed and Eien and Kimlee joined school, which was typical for the young kids that were not able to go out and explore the wild. In the earlier days, Natrelmon training had to be started at 14 at the latest, but with the advances that had been made and the general peacefulness of Nerta, they could start much later.

While the two waited for the day they would select their own Natrelmon they both studied very frequently the ins and outs of each of the common ones trainers started with. This information was crucial in make the decision of which Natrelmon to start with, as they all had small details that made them best suited to particular trainers. Eien, being a very calm and thoughtful individual went with a Kohitsuji, while Kimlee decided to take a Sparwire. Both had made their decision days in advance and when they answered which one they wanted, there was no hesitation, unlike many trainers who wavered.

With each one having a Natrelmon, they embarked to Lifan from Relin a day apart, so they could complete the first leg of the journey on their own as a test. Eien, being the older, went first. Kimlee left a day shorter, also wanting to complete the first step of the journey by her self. It gave her time to interact with her Sparwire.

Professions: - -
Noteworthy Skills: Kimlee has incredible social skills.

(( This bio is for Nasamea's use to expand on/use. ))
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PostSubject: Re: Kimlee Odayaka   Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:35 am

Approved, and move accordingly.
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Kimlee Odayaka
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