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 Tomiko Kioku

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PostSubject: Tomiko Kioku   Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:09 pm

Name: Tomiko Kioku

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tomiko's appearance, is very similar to her mothers side, the Kioku bloodline. She does not have many physically visible attributes of the Timaki bloodine, though in a spiritual sense she bears some resemblance to them. She is around 4' 8", her features, in general are petite and delicate. She is only slightly muscular, and very thin, almost frail in appearance. She weighs around 40 Kg. Though she is slight, her features are very fine, and delicate almost as if she was made of glass. This gives her a natural elegance, for which she was named. Not only does she appear so, but she also quite often acts with grace, unlike some who will lower themselves to the level of their opponent, she often stands in battle apart and serene. This is as much a reflection of her appearance, as it is a part of her personality.

Her eyes are a rare hue of blue, the color, is that of ice itself. Though she is not always cold, her eyes appear to view the world, along the edge of a razor, a blade upon which the weight of all is laid bare. It almost seems as if one slip, will send someone plummeting into the abyss of her soul. Though most of her features are small, her eyes are slightly larger giving her the look of someone five years younger. For this reason she is often mistaken for a child. Her hair, is a rare and luminous color, it is a steely blue gray, of a shade often seen when metal objects are covered in ice. The coloration is very unusual, but not at all unique for a member of the Kioku family. She has her hair cut, short in front though there is enough longer hair to the side that she uses it to frame her face. The rest of her hair, falls down to the middle of her back. She usually has it braided up in either one or two strands. She allows two smaller braids to rest across her shoulders, in a similar style to priestesses.

Like her favorite cousin, she dresses in loose clothing which is usually lightweight. Her favorite, is a light blue silk Chinese style shirt, with silvery buttons. Not only is it loose, but slightly large on her, as if it was originally made for someone else. She usually wears thin armbands of braided gold and silver, three inches above the wrist on both hands, to hold the long sleeves out of the way when she is in battle. The pants she wears, are usually long and flowing like the shirt, they fit loosely, and require a belt. They are a white that seems to glow slightly. To keep her feet free she ties her pants about an inch above the ankle with small strips of white cloth, so that she can walk without being hindered. They are both very high quality, and have a shimmer to them like expensive silk.

She belts her pants, with a formal leather belt, into it is set various metallic rings. aside of this, she has a necklace, made out of silver and set with three small gems, in the center amulet. Other than that she does not often wear other types of jewelry. Though, for special occasions she will wear hair combs, often carved out of gold, or valuable stones of several different types. Despite the jewelry she wears, she has an appearance that is not lavish, but instead almost ethereal as if she is almost as much spirit being, as physical. This is something very much a part of the Kioku family as it is a part of her own personality and natural tendencies.

Hometown: Relin

Personality: N/A

Relic Description Her relics take the form of small gems that fit into a bracelet on her arm. The bracelet itself is a gold and silver alloy known as 'white gold', decorated with inlays of titanium. The relic gems are then slotted into different positions. Currently it has slots for a total of five relics though the segmented design of the bracelet allows this to be easily adjusted.

Starting Natrelmon: Sparwire

History: She is a distant cousin of Rin Kioku, made even more distant by the fact that she was half Timaki. Though the two families were anything less but friendly, a few, would hold it against her that she was not a full blooded member of the family. She is more directly related to Inoto Timaki, that is, she is his niece. Even from a young age, she has held an admiration for Kioku, and that has influenced much of her actions. She would very often, spend time in the Reiki-Ryu dojo a martial arts school, learning, while truly spending her time observing him. She inherited many natural gifts, even when born into a family as talented as the Kioku. In many ways, she is similar ability wise to Rin, but personality wise she is quite different. One of the main differences, is that she is somewhat timid, and shy. This is the reason why she has never informed Rin of her affection for him. It is also why she will in battle, quite often show more mercy than is due. As she got older, she had to observe Rin more and more from afar, due to the fact that not only had he become the leader of the Reiki style, but he spent much time wandering abroad. Despite her advanced skills, her personality has hidden them, so to speak. That is to say very few people have taken much notice of her, and she has remained of low rank within the Reiki style. She appears to be very inexperienced in the art of combat, and has no reputation for fighting. Nor does combat interest her, which is why she has decided to breed and trade Natrelmon.

She is most astute, in her observations. This allows her to take her time and sit back, watching an opponent while defending herself. When she does seriously engage in battle this method of observation allows her to see the weaknesses revealed by her opponents actions. Tomiko has internalized many lessons of martial arts, though she does not have what some would call a 'warriors spirit', among her hobbies she often plays Go, and likes collecting different types of necklaces. She grew up in the city of Relin and she usually doesn't prefer to stay away for extended periods of time, especially when she doesn't have to. Tomiko has decided create a Natrelmon farm, her hope is to help other people by breeding, trading, and caring for Natrelmon.

Professions: Herbalism

Noteworthy Skills: Perception, the ability to sense things about her surroundings most wouldn't notice. She also has a very good work ethic and will apply herself to tasks most find difficult, or not worth bothering over. She also has some expertise in martial arts and self defense.

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Tomiko Kioku
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