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 Auren Leland

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PostSubject: Auren Leland   Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:24 pm

Name:Auren Leland
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearance: Auren is tall and well built, but it rarely shows under the particular style of clothes he wears. His hair is very cool (as in the tone, not *awesome”) blonde that reaches almost to the base of his neck in the back, but not to his shoulder. His hair is very layered and covers much of his forehead, and it sometimes drapes across his eyes slightly, though never in a large or predictable clump unless he manually places it there. He keeps his beard well trimmed, only on his off days does anything past stubble develop. His eyes are a mild blue, a nice color but not particularly stand out. Usually perched atop his nose is a bronze rimmed pair of reading glasses, small and unobtrusive.

He usually wears a surprisingly heavy array of garments regardless of temperature, relying on their ability to both keep temperature in and keep temperature out. He wears a tall pair of boots, high and tightly belted, lined in tan fur at the top. Tucked into those boots is a tightly belted pair of slacks, and tucked into those is a sleeveless white tank top. Then, over this is a robe like garment, a solid blue color, lined with tan fur. A bright golden wool scarf is usually wrapped about his neck, and a tan book bag hangs from his shoulders nearly perpetually, straining Auren down with its multitude of heavy books.

Auren also bears a sword. However, it’s unsharpened and ceremonial. It’s sheath is a wood covered in a blue glaze, with bronze at both ends to prevent the sword from damaging the sheath, if it were sharpened. A golden string hangs from the hilt, and the hilt is wrapped in blue cloth tightly. The guard is a bronze covered forward crescent, short and tight to the blade, the pommel a simple scent bottle shape. The sword itself is unfullered and curves to a tip, being about the length and thickness of a long one handed sword.
Hometown: Relin
Personality: To put it in his own words..

“I sometimes have difficulty remembering that the true, genuine, real meaning of a word can never be expressed by words. Because a real meaning is something, not a description of something. Dead thoughts with no connection to reality mean less than nothing.”

Auren is addicted to books. Really addicted. You have to be terribly interesting or potentially dangerous in order to get him to stop reading in your presence, unless he’s on a good moment on trying to overcome his addiction. He also tends to overestimate his Natrelmon and supports them little. However, on the plus side for that, his Natrelmon tend retain much of their pre-capture battle prowess.

Finally, his reason for adventuring and training Natrelmon is simple. You can gain money, prestige, and the ability to travel quickly, and maybe, gain a few tomes of more arcane nature. These are all things that any scholar would enjoy having.
Relic Description: His relics are what are most precious to him, books. Each book will write everything he symbolizes in his mind about that natrelmon, though he can go back and edit them after the fact while having the book’* auto-writing paused. Capture incantation is "Open your mind to me (insert name), and release incantation is "Show them your deeds (insert name)
Starting Natrelmon: Penkaz
History: Auren has lived in the oldest city in the world, and spent much of his time in it. His excellent (if not overzealous) study habits lead to him finishing his education early. He was born to an upper class military family, where he was trained in the use of his ceremonial sword. He also learned tracking, as it was of use to his research. He was recently cut loose from ties to the family when he made it absolutely clear he was not going to pursue a military career.

The sword style he was taught by various family members and tutors was of a practical, battlefield nature, meant to engage opponent after opponent, rather than one on one duels. The "If you hold your sword towards your opponent's nose, he can't get close without stabbing his nose" type of swordsmanship. No flashy techniques, no all or nothing attacks, the style was designed to protect oneself, even while attacking, by using no or little risk attacks.

He acquired his Penkaz from one of his few non-family friends, after breaking with his family. His friend thought that everyone should have a bloodthirsty beserker Penkaz. The friend's Penkaz had some eggs, so he gave one of them to Auren. Hopefully, this Penkaz will be just as destructively minded as it's progenitor.

Auren had much difficulty writing arbitrarily long papers on topics where nothing needed to be said, but he managed by being skilled at incorporating long stretches of pointless topics that would never relate to anything ever again in all likelihood. And on the off chance that it actually did turn out to relate, all the better. Still Auren despised adding such fluff.

Recently since his release from his family ties, he has been wandering the world looking for a sudden large group of beginning trainers to arbitrarily come together in one place. From what his friend who gave him a Penkaz told him, little effort is required to assure that you will be there when it happens, but Auren is trying to keep tabs on when and where it will happen to no avail anyway.
Professions: Grrr....
Noteworthy Skills:
+Tracking (Guess what his first job will be!)
-As you can see, he carries way too much stuff around at all times, primarily books but clothes too.
-Addicted to his books to the point of it being a hindrance in combat
-Has difficulty writing long papers on nothing Wink


Apart from expanding the History, as requested, anyone see anything else that needs to be covered?

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PostSubject: Re: Auren Leland   Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:39 pm

A) No egg
B) Fix the bold

Other than that, its fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Auren Leland   Tue Apr 20, 2010 10:50 pm

So, we don't get an egg to start with that we had on the previous thread?
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PostSubject: Re: Auren Leland   Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:34 pm

That will need to be discussed by the staff. Also, you have a bolding issue in your bio. Please fix that and I can move it into the approved then. If we make a decision about the eggs, it will be in News.
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PostSubject: Re: Auren Leland   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:45 am

I think I've finished the bolding problem, now to add four paragraphs of pointless fluff to history!
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PostSubject: Re: Auren Leland   

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Auren Leland
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