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 Kyo Takamashi Bio

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PostSubject: Kyo Takamashi Bio   Fri Apr 23, 2010 7:59 pm

Name:Kyo Takamashi
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kyo is a very fit young man thanks to his father who demanded Kyo to be a healthy man or else he could never run the family business. He has wavy black lion mane type of hair, light tan skin and his mother's hazel eyes. From hid father's intense training he has a athletic body so he can handle himself in a fight from what he learned. What Kyo usually wears is dark blue well fitted pants, black long sleeved shirt with a short sleeve type of shirt jacket over it, and white with blue streaks on his sneakers. When he travels he carries his backpack that has clothes, supplies, and medical supplies as well just good for long travel.
Hometown: A small village on a island near Sakura.
Personality:Kyo's personality is a good one for friends, he's really a nice person to be around with just to talk. He has a very carefree and playful attitude on life loving to spar just for the fun of it, "win or lose everybody gains something" is basically his motto but of course he likes to win some like everyone else. Al thought if he watches any injustice he will not think twice to go and help the victim if it's within reason, he's not going to yell out and rush attack, he plans ahead.
Relic DescriptionKyo's relic is a flower necklace made out of some kind of metal. His mother gave it to him just before she died, the flower's petals are a sakura pink type of color with the middle sphere a bright gem of yellow that shines when the sun hits it.
Starting Natrelmon: Sakura
History: Kyo was born into a family that creates katana for samurai warriors in the past where samurai were often around and needed weapons, but now it's for display and collection. Nevertheless, Kyo's father takes great pride of his work, and creates the katana with his soul. Kyo's mother was a regular women who took care of her young baby Kyo, the both of them were very close when he was small. When Kyo was four his mother caught a deadly disease that slowly ate away, at first she was fine just regular coughs, headaches and some discomforts then two years later her disease made her impossible to do any activities around the house including playing with her son.

One day Kyo's mother called him to her, giving a flower necklace to Kyo. She then said "The best thing that has every happen to me, is giving birth to my only son, you Kyo." with those words she put her hand on his cheek then suddenly, the hand lost it's warmth and fell on the bed, she died. At first Kyo didn't understand or thought it was possible for his mother to die, she was always there since birth, can she really be gone? Kyo's father was of course hurt, but explained that his mother could never come back. Day after day Kyo waited on the hill where he and his mother used to play, he remembered the lessons of kindness and friendship she talked to him about which made him comfortable for a few days, then weeks and months passed.

On his birthday Kyo started to just cry, probably because he finally as long as it took, it sank in that his mother is REALLY gone this time. At that moment the Sakura trees bloomed with petals flying around him, and right then and there a Natrelmon appeared in front of him, a Sakura. She seemed very happy, started to cheer to make Kyo smile which it did, and when Sakura touched him, he felt the warmth of his mother. The relic glowed and captured the Sakura so in that moment the necklace was figured out to be a relic. Years passed by and Kyo loved his Sakura both of them becoming best friends, training together, eating together, and in a way understanding each other. Sakura is a crazy Natrelmon, she gets jealous any time a female gets near Kyo, if it's human or Natrelmon it doesn't matter she gets MAD. Another odd trait of Sakura is that she loves to spar and doesn't give up until it knows it can't win. Right now, Kyo is traveling to the nearest Gym where a beginner should to go, in Toran
Noteworthy Skills: Kyo is very clever from time to time
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Kyo Takamashi Bio
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