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 Probally most average bio: Rota Hall

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PostSubject: Probally most average bio: Rota Hall   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:01 pm

Name: Rota Hall

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rota is five feet seven inches tall. He is rather average in his body build with just a little bit of a gut. His arms are just a centimeter longer then the average arm length, as well. However, his feet are one centimeter shorter then average length. His hair is about one inch long and is grey in a mushroom hairstyle. His eyes are a light greyish-blue color. He has a star right under his right eye.

He generally wears a grey T-shirt with a red swirl of flame around it. Its sleeves are not long enough to cover his shoulders. He usually wears shorts that vary between yellow, green, red, black, white, and cyan shorts. Occasionally a full pair of cyan or red pants. He wears a small grey jacket with flame borders during the dead of winter. He generally wears sandals with up to three pairs of socks.

Hometown: Relin

Personality: Rota is a very curious person who studies history, mainly, as well as other things. He cannot stand it when someone else destroys something historic, espically if it is unstudied. He also is... annoying following others around and changing how he acts every minute or so. He also loves money, doing anything he can legally do to get it. However, those with a tight bond with him comes before money, but, after history. He is also violent getting into fights for fun.

Relic Description: Rota's relic is in the shape of flute shaped object on a glove. The flute like area is about eight inches long and two wide. The color is grey with a red swirl pattern. The glove shares this. The flute object will send out a orb about one and a half inches in total. The orb is a clear color that can be seen straight through. However, if the orb contains a Natrelmon, the shape of it will be visible, though that is not the actual natural relic monster. (Did I get that right?) The incantation is ra ri re ri ro ru for capturing. The first sylablle of the natrelmon is added when calling it out. It is a level F, currently.

Starting Natrelmon: Vulcan

History: Rota was born in Relin. He was taught the basics of Natrelmon battling and teachings there. At age five he was kidnapped for about two weeks. At age thirteen he was temporarily kidnapped again. But, got away faster this time. However, he was far from home and had to survive the caves he was lost in. He recieved his scar drom and encounter with what he thinks is one of the four legendary Natrelmon. He returned home figuring out that Natrelmon should not be fist fought at all. On his way home he found an old relic and contnued on, keeping it with him. He tried to figure out how it worked. He didn't find out it's functions and works. But, by the time he had came home he had been gone two months, seen the same vulcan about seven time. First in the cave. Secondly, in a forest near the caves. Third and fourth, in another cave. Fifth and sixth, in another forest. Seventh and final on the way back, right outside his house. It stayed there in twenty days. The twenthieth day he had figured out how to work it. He practiced capturing every day for the next many years with the vulcan. Capturing it, and then letting it go on. Captuing it again, on and on and on. He didn't train it until he found it was a level one. He decided to train it. He slowly trained it to level five. By the time he got it to level five, he had formed a deep bond with it. However, it was killed several days later after his first attempt and fail at a tournament. He gave up all his money he won from his various battles and was in a state of shock until his eighteenth year. By then, he had coped with it over the last two years. (meaning it was about a three year period with his first Vulcan.) At that time, another Vulcan, reminding him of the first one appeared. He went through the same cycle with it, but over a longer period of time. However, at age twenty two, it died. But, he made a promised at the graveyard of his two dead Vulcans that he would find a third one, and would not let it die before him and train it to bypass Vulcanhood. He did get three captured, each failing his dream and dying before he did. He tried with each one in a different manner The last one, however, he charged forward and only lost it do to an assassination. the previous two's straegty didn't work for him, so he went with the "charge forward" stragety he made up when he was training his fifth. He was finally given another first level Vulcan at age twenty five. He had trained it to level five once more and was finally ready to charge forward outside of his normal plans. He has since only went around and has recently left Vulcan a few days before his part in this story begins.

Professions: Will be added when it is possible.

Noteworthy Skills: Good with computers and can look at the little details to know what is real and what's fake.

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PostSubject: Re: Probally most average bio: Rota Hall   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:17 pm

I'm hoping you haven't finished your history yet. There's supposed to be a twenty-five line minimum.

That, and it ended mid-sentence. Hell, mid-word.
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PostSubject: Re: Probally most average bio: Rota Hall   Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:43 pm

I was not done. The not done referred to me having to leave in a hurry.

I am now, but, it might not be up to par. G'night. Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: Probally most average bio: Rota Hall   Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:18 am

The 5 Paragraph history is more of a goal to aim for. It would have been nice to have had it broken up into smaller paragraphs, but it is accepted.

Also, make sure you make a Natrelmon Profile now and by the way, it is Volcan, not Vulcan.

Everyone is basically in Lifan right now for the beginner's tournament.
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PostSubject: Re: Probally most average bio: Rota Hall   

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Probally most average bio: Rota Hall
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